Boxing Day 2022

On Monday, Boxing Day, the travelers loaded up and braved our Colville kids mile long snowy driveway for some fun in the snow. It was above freezing and they wanted to get some sledding in before things got too mushy. Baba and Gramps stayed home and had a quiet recuperating day until dinner time.

Uncle Andrew and Uncle Josh used their muscle power to speed up the fun. Daddy was at work this day but he groomed the trails anticipating this fun day.

Addy wanted the snowman to be super big! Olaf the snowman is super big. Great job everyone!

When the fun was over they had a wild ride back to our Country bungalow through all the slush and ice. We enjoyed leftovers for our meal.

These are all Auntie Lolo’s photos and I love this shot of Main Street Colville that she got looking North towards Colville Mountain. The shot of the beautiful sunset is from her phone, too.

One more post coming of our time together celebrating Auntie Katie’s birthday.

BTTP (Back to the Present) It’s snowing again this morning. Our road has been cleared nicely of the snow and ice from the previous storms but the city side streets are still a mess with bumps and ruts and sheets of ice. It made for a very interesting ride to get Dear to Occupational Therapy yesterday. Our Westside kids all are home safe and sound and their snow is not an issue anymore. We had a couple of days of rain and above freezing temperatures that left us with a clear deck but today it is white again. Temps in the 20’s are predicted again for the first week of 2023 so our views will continue to be white for a while longer…

How are things in your corner?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Boxing Day 2022

  1. Fantastic snowman! Teamwork is always great.

    I don’t know if I have ever seen your town. It sure looks pretty
    in winter. And a mountain, too, to call your own. Perfect.

    Warmer than normal temps and no snow. Suits me fine.

    A good New Year to you!


  2. It all looks so wonderfully wintry Ellen! The snowman is very impressive. Wow! I’ve been enjoying all your (and Auntie Lolo’s) photos because snow is not something we see much of here in our southwest corner of California (without driving to the local mountains) and it’s quite exotic. Stay warm and safe!

  3. Ellen – thanks for visiting my blog! Wow, that is quite the snowman! Slightly warmer temperatures make it a little easier to get the snow to pack!! As I type this, it is snowing here. Yay! I went cross-country skiing this afternoon and it was so creamy, not to mention pretty with snow lightly falling! Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

  4. Olaf is a huge snowman! Addy must have been delighted! She and JJ are blessed to have such a group of loving adults who pour into their lives.

    That shot of your town is absolutely lovely! It looks like a post card!

  5. I always enjoy your family photos. The ones of your area are also interesting as a reader can get an idea of the place where you live. Blessings as we welcome in a new year.

  6. A joy to see your family having so much fun, and what a pretty town!!! The scenery is gorgeous and I loved that first shot of the icicles too. Wishing you All A Very Happy and Healthy New Year!

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