Christmas Day 2022

On Christmas Day 2022 Josh and Laura were the first to arrive at our house in the afternoon having flown into Spokane Airport and renting a vehicle for the 2 hour drive to our Country Bungalow. Our Colville kids had brunch and presents at their home with Jamie’s family. After naps they drove over just beating Andrew, Katie and Willow arriving on their 6+ hour journey over the Cascades and through Central and Eastern Washington. Once all the bags and cat accessories were managed we took a family photos before we sat down to our meal.

Prime rib, creamed corn, roasted vegetables (carrots, asparagus and brussels sprouts) and Yorkshire Pudding.

After dinner we sat close to the tree and Dear read from Luke chapter two in the New Testament which chronicles the birth of Jesus Christ and the temple presentation of Jesus.

We let the young ones open up their gifts first.

This tea towel was a special gift from Josh and Laura with a handwritten (in Russian) recipe of my mom’s printed on it. So thoughtful.

This was a stocking gift year. The only presents under the tree were for Addy and JJ. Katie loved her cat socks.

After presents it was time was dessert. Jamie, Addy and JJ baked and frosted a Happy Birthday Jesus Cake. Jamie made the Chocolate nativity decoration for the cake, too.


And that was a Christmas Day wrap! These blankets were a gift from Uncle Joshie and Auntie LoLo personalized with A and J’s name in bold letters and the background of the blanket says Uncle Joshie and Auntie Lolo love you!

A day filled with the Joy of the Lord, love and good food.

Next up…Boxing day.



About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Day 2022

  1. That tea towel with a precious recipe from your Mom is an inspired idea! I would have cried. Such lovely pictures of your family celebrations. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you Ellen!

  2. So I don’t know if Laura told but I found that recipe in one of the Russian cook books I had. We had a great time on thanksgiving figuring out what the recipe said because it was English words written in the Russian alphabet. Len and Kathy figured out most of it. We had some great laughs figuring it out.

  3. Hello,
    You have a beautiful family. Wonderful Christmas photos. I wish you and yours all the best in 2023, sending wishes of peace, joy and happiness for the New Year. Take care, have a great New Year’s weekend.

  4. Such great times! Thankful that everyone made the trek to Colville! I’m impressed with Jamie’s chocolate Nativity decoration!

  5. I love the ebb and flow of your day, with all of the important elements included! In your words, “A day filled with the Joy of the Lord, love and good food.” It doesn’t get much better than that!

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