Adios August Hodgepodge

Time for the last August Wednesday Hodgepodge! Thank you Jo From This Side of the Pond for asking the questions!

1. Something you’ve labored over recently? 

Pulling weeds, weeds and more weeds, to the point of my right arm/elbow screaming at me to stop it!

2. How will you rest on Labor Day? 

We rarely rest on Labor Day for many different reasons. We have been listening to and reading some great talks and articles on having a Lord’s Day Rest. We want to be more intentional on leaving Sundays for rest from our labors and being more in tune with keeping our ‘lamp tended and storing good oil for our lamps’. We also don’t want to ignore the importance of spending time each day with God through His Word, the Bible.

3. Margaret Mead is quoted as saying, “I learned the value of hard work by working hard.” Would you agree? Where and how did you learn the value of hard work? 

It is good for man to work. I have learned the value of hard work by working hard and by the example of my parents and others who worked hard and work hard. My Dear is a great example of someone who works hard to a good end not just spinning his wheels.

4. It’s National Eat Outside Day (August 31st). Will you? Do you enjoy dining ‘al fresco’ or prefer indoor seating? 

I prefer eating inside and if I have to eat outside I need a shady spot. I developed, in my late 50’s, a skin sensitivity to the sun shining directly on me, especially my thighs. When the sun hits them it immediately feels like they are burning. This happens through my clothing. When living in Southern California from 2006-2010, I had to put sunshades on the passenger window so the sun wouldn’t hit my thighs. Weird…

5. Somehow it’s the end of August. What was the best day of the month for you and tell us what made it so? 

We had a great day last Friday when our Colville family could have dinner together and the grands and I had some water gun and hose fun outside, getting a wee bit soaked. There were emergency surgeries and other issues over the course of the month that kept us from getting together for a meal. Then on Saturday I met up with our DIL and Grands to watch our small town parade. FUN. The collage at the top of the post is from our parade time.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

29 thoughts on “Adios August Hodgepodge

  1. Those two little grands are so adorable. I love the last picture. I think our parent’s generation may be the last generation, as a whole to actually know about hard work. I am so grateful for their example. My husband and I look forward to our mornings together. After our individual workouts, we sit in our sunroom and do our Bible Study, reading and sharing. It’s the best time of the day.

  2. Well that is an unusual malady. I would not like it at all as one my favorite things to do is picnic. I was supposed to be picnicking today, but it is pouring.

    Now that is a sweet first day of school picture. Hope they love school! I know that they love the teacher.


  3. My circle at church is doing a study on Sabbath this year (we meet once a month). We’ve only done week one but it’s already making us think. Those pictures with the hose are so cute. They definitely say summer to me. Have a nice week!

    • Joyce, It is wo interesting when the Spirit is working out the same message and bringing about an awareness of an issue that is important throughout the body of Christ.

  4. Sorry about the weeds. I prefer to eat inside. That is something about your thighs. That parade looks like fun. I haven’t seen a parade in years. Kids look so cute and I know the hose fight was a good one. Hope they have a great school year. Cute picture.

  5. We have so little rain this summer even most of the weeds are dead!

    I’d be interested to read more about what you are learning about Sundays/rest. Can you direct me to the articles?

  6. Your “babies” are growing so fast! And cuter ever time you show them. Love that they enjoyed a waterplay day with their Baba. (I hope I have the right word — apologies if I have it wrong — I know you use something more special than my run of the mill Grandma” (or now GG of course).

  7. What a beautiful back to school photo! Oh, how these years fly by! I appreciate your thoughts and feelings about the Lord’s Day. I’ve been reading in the OT about how God inteded it to be a day of rest and it grieved Him to see that His people were not honoring that.

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