Northeast Washington Fair Parade

This past weekend our town hosted the Northeast Washington Fair. Part of the festivities includes a parade on Saturday morning.

Waiting patiently for the parade to start.

The sirens from the fire engines announced the beginning of the parade. It was loud as you can tell from our Grands covering their ears.

JJ still managed to wave to the firemen while he kept one ear covered.

Things quieted down. Most of the participants in the parade throw candy to the kids watching along the parade route. That’s what the blue bag is for and they got a haul!

JJ stuffed his pockets full of candies.

A country necessity.

Those pockets are getting full.

When the parade was over we walked over to the Farmer’s market for a few veggies and the kids got their free honey stick.

A picture with the Colville Bear on the way back to the parking lot was our grand finale. Later on this day the Grands went to the fair with their mom and granny. There were lots of farm animals to see and an ice cream cone to enjoy!

We’ve had a cool down with the weather for a few days. The weather was perfect for the parade.

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7 thoughts on “Northeast Washington Fair Parade

  1. Gotta love a community that still does parades—Americana on full display. The children seem very intrigued and your grandson filling his pockets with candy is so cute!
    🍬 🍬 🍬


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