Oxford Archives ~ The Bear

Oxford Day 6 184Dating from 1242 The Bear is the oldest Pub in Oxford. It was fun to see it featured in the latest season of “The Amazing Race”. There is another pub in Oxford that also claims to be the oldest. I’ll let them duke it out.

2014-07-09 Oxford Day 62Oxford Day 6 181

The Bear is home to a rather impressive yet random collection of neckties. Visitors from around the globe have contributed to the collection. They are displayed in a room off the main entrance and you can see that the display continues onto the ceiling.

I was stumped to come up with an offering for the letter N until I remembered this pub that we stopped into after a long day of walking and sight seeing in Oxford in July of 2014. It has very low ceilings and a very narrow steep staircase to the toilets. I can’t imagine someone having a few too many going up and worse coming down those steep steps.

Back to the present: This time around we probably won’t visit The Bear. There are plenty of noteworthy pubs we’ll visit instead, especially the ones that Morse and Inspector Lewis visited during their Murder Mysteries series.

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10 thoughts on “Oxford Archives ~ The Bear

  1. A walking tour around the city of Oxford which includes the old pubs especially those featured in the Morse, Lewis, Endeavour Mystery Series would be interesting and fun. I especially like the Randolph Hotel often frequented by Colin Dexter, the author of the books, but The Bear pub looks quirky with those neckties on display.

    • Linda, we do want to make sure and visit the Morse Bar in the Randolph. We are signed up for one guided walking tour, too. Thanks for stopping by.

      • We pray that the trip to the UK goes ahead and that whatever lies ahead you receive many blessings. It sounds as if it would be a wonderful experience.

    • Barbara, The Trout is definitely on our list of places to eat and to especially try the Sticky Toffee Pudding! We are just trying to decide on whether we walk there or take a cab…

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