Family Colors

Early on Tuesday Laura started a text with our family members asking us to show our Sounders Colors. We texted her back our shots of support and she made the collage. When it comes to sports we are a Sounders Soccer Family. And right now David (Sounders) beat Goliath (LAFC) 3-1 on their home field. Our boys are going to the MLS Cup Final on November 10th against either Atlanta or Toronto. Those two teams play each other tomorrow night. It was fun sending texts back and forth during the game. It will be a while before I can fall asleep now…

…So I’ll add some fun things that more people can relate to in this post.

Speaking of colors Jamie and the kids were able to enjoy some color and leaves before the weather turned on us.

How cute are they covered in leaves!? Maple Trees are the best for an abundance of leaves. This was how the day was going before we had that freak snowfall on Monday the 28th of October. All the snow is gone and temps are still cold but we are on a slight warming trend.

Fresh apples off the tree before the bear eats them all. Yep, our kids have had a bear visiting their property. Hopefully he’ll go find a place to hibernate soon.

Do you have any wild animals that visit your property?

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8 thoughts on “Family Colors

  1. Even though I am not a sports fan myself, I can imagine the fun you guys had texting those photos back and forth! How clever of Laura to create a collage! 🙂 I love the photos of the grands in the fall leaves! (I am a fan of autumn!) The only wildlife in our yard are squirrels! At the farmhouse, we would have deer in the back of the property and also raccoons, groundhogs, foxes, opossums, and the occasional skunk. (No bears! Oh my!)

  2. Love your colours!!! Addy and JJ are adorable in the leaves. We have a few feral cats hanging about, some bunnies, groundhogs and apparently a lynx but NO BEARS – eek! I think we are expecting some snow over here too within the next few days.

  3. Yes, I have had an abundance of deer, which is why I am hoping that hunting season will be successful. Bear?! Good heavens. That would not give me an easy, peaceful feeling. My neighbors kitty corner from me had a bear in their back yard.

    The children are darling in the leaves. I know that they enjoyed being right down in them and nearly covered up. It is a fond memory of my own childhood. There’s something quite Narnia magical about a giant pile of leaves.

    I know nothing of Sounders except what you tell me. I hope that they win.☺

  4. Sweet post. Love the leaves and kiddos.
    We have many wild animals that visit here mainly because we have many apple trees and a huge garden. We share. Lots of deer. We have seen bear scat—they love the apples and of course the chorus from the Coyotes we hear most nights and on and on

  5. Ellen – I am here in the UK and the place is crazy about the upcoming rugby final on Saturday. It’s so fun to see a community (or even a country) get behind a sports team! Fall is not complete without someone jumping in a leaf pile, and your grands do it with STYLE! Happy Halloween, and enjoy the rest of your week!

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