A Week of Mosaics

Weekend last we had some precious time with our grands and kids.

On Monday the electric company sent tree trimmers to top some of the trees in our backyard that were encroaching on the transformer and wires.

On the first day of summer I took a walk about our country bungalow to document the plants that are growing and blooming.

These are the last of the pink peonies we have in our yard. The crystal vase on the left was a wedding gift from my little babushka. Some of you might recognize the Princess House vase on the right.

We can take no credit for planting anything you see in the collages/mosaics. We are enjoying the fruit of someone else’s labor in the planning and planting on our property. What’s left to us is weeding and pruning in the future.

Linking up with Angie at Letting Go of the Bay Leaf for Mosaic Monday.

Do you have any traveling plans for the summer? Lord willing, we plan to take some day trips into Canada and around our area and we are hoping for visitors to our country bungalow. This is Dear’s last week of his part-time contracting job so he will be officially retired come Friday afternoon. I told him I’d like to celebrate by making an appointment for a massage for myself. He questioned my logic since he’s the one retiring.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “A Week of Mosaics

  1. What a treasure trove of plants you have!! Hoping we can come and admire them in person sometime this summer. Eastern Washington is a favourite destination of ours.

  2. Ellen – the grands are adorable. I had a hard time scrolling any further, although you know I am a sucker for a garden! I am not sure what is easier – modifying what someone else has created, or starting from scratch? Either way, it’s a garden and it’s outside and that’s all I need. Our summer plans include all forms of outdoor activities and hosting some friends. It will be gone before we know it! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  3. Precious grandchildren pictures and I love the variety of flowers/shrubs you have inherited. So colorful and beautiful!

  4. What beautiful plants you have been blessed with by the previous owners. Enjoy!

    Sweet grands!

    Happy Retirement to your dear husband and enjoy that massage. They are absolutely wonderful!!

  5. I couldn’t help but notice how much JJ looks like his daddy! Your garden has a lot of beautiful surprises for you!
    With all the work involved, retirement comes at just the right time. =)

  6. How nice to have all those beautiful plants and flowers in your yard without having to plant them!!
    No travel plans for us. We will be staying home and enjoying our house in the woods. : )

  7. Your mosaics are just beautiful Ellen – especially of Addy and JJ!!! So precious. Oh those peonies – so beautiful! I must get out today and pick the last of mine too. Wish they would bloom all summer.
    Travel plans are to pull our wee trailer to the East Coast this Fall but no final plans yet made. We long to go back to Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton so hopefully that will happen.
    Congratulations on Dear’s retirement and yes, a massage is certainly in order after all your hard work in the gardens. Hugs …

  8. What a beautiful garden you have inherited. Just as someone else is enjoying the garden you planted, you are now enjoying your new space. I think you have many interesting and beautiful plants. The grands are so cute, Ellen. They definitely look like your side of the house. Shhhh…don’t tell anybody!

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