Home Again…

We had a lot of joy being with this little one for several days in a row. Lots to share from our family time in northeastern Washington. We drove home today and we were happy it only poured down rain when we approached Snoqualmie Pass and descended on this side of the Cascades. The vibrant Fall colors out the windows as we drove entertained me as well as a book on cd by Louise Penny.

Lots of fallen leaves welcomed us home on our driveway and yard. Do you deal with lots of leaves in the fall where you live?

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

18 thoughts on “Home Again…

  1. Such a sweet picture of Addy and her grandparents!! Glad to hear that you have arrived safely home.

    Beautiful scenes on your drive! Here, there’s a little more color every day, but nothing like your photos.

  2. I know how much fun you must have with your little granddaughter, Ellen! She is adorable. Our tree leaves are beginning to fall and we’ve been raking and filling up leaf bags to keep ahead of them.

  3. Hello, love the family photo. You should frame and hang this shot. The fall colors are looking so pretty, Snoqualmie is where my niece lives, I miss my great nephew and niece. Addy is adorable. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend.

  4. Oh Ellen….this grandparent journey looks soon good on you and Greg! Beautiful fall colours for your drive. Welcome home.

  5. Just look at that expression on Addy May, priceless! The leaves are beautiful, our leaves are just beginning to show some color, and yes we do have plenty of fallen leaves to gather, lucky we have a leaf raker. ~smile~
    Have a blessed ay.

  6. Your granddaughter is so cute and it is a blessing for you all you’re able to spend time with her.
    The fall scenery over the pass is stunning, especially this time of the year.

    What book by Louise Penny are you reading ? I’ve read most of her books. She is am amazing writer.

  7. Not sure if Google is cooperating with WordPress accounts anymore. I may not be allowed to comment. Anyway, I was saying how pert and adorable Addy is. She knows you folks!

    Lovely drive back over the mountains. Autumn driving (except for Judy’s) is the best!

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