Early September

Sunday September 3rd. I want to jump, Gramps!

Monday September 4th (Labor Day). Cheerios are hard to catch and they taste funny.

Tuesday September 5th. I hear the water running. I think it’s splash time (bath time).

It was so much fun watching sweet Addy May enjoying her bath time. It’s a mommy and daddy job and I was happy to be around to take photos. I have a vow not to share any photos of anyone on social media without their clothes on so I won’t be sharing the bath photos except with Addy’s parents and her aunts and uncles. I can share the elephant towel cuddles after her fun time splashing in her little bathtub. That was the last bath time next to the kitchen sink because her splashing skills have far reaching results!

Wednesday morning September 6th. Daddy went back to work and now Baba and Gramps are leaving, too. Look at me crawl.

And the latest greatest from a text. Addy is moving forward a bit too fast for all of us. This was September 13th so she is 7 days shy of 6 months.

We are happy to say we’ll be seeing our kids from Eastern Washington a week from today. They will fly this time instead of driving. It’s a very short 1 hour flight. Addy will be 6 months old by then. After seeing her moving about skills we have purchased a safety gate and the floors will be washed again just before she arrives. We have a borrowed car seat that we spent some time figuring out how to secure in our car. These days you need a degree in baby to keep up. During their 4 day stay we’ll be babysitting on Saturday night when D & J will join friends for a concert in Seattle.

Today we completed our clean-up of the ash that blew through our windows while we were in eastern Washington. We vacuumed floors, sills, blinds, furniture, chotskies, paintings, pillows, cabinets,  and wait for it…all the books on our bookshelves in the living room. Oye. So happy to have had the assistance of Dear for this thorough job. So we have had a Fall cleaning instead of a Spring cleaning. I have this Christmas time photo of the bookshelves from 2016 to show the stuff/books we vacuumed. Oh and btw it’s 102 days until Christmas.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

17 thoughts on “Early September

  1. oh my gosh — What a big job! Especiallly the bookshelves — those are the one thing I really miss since we’ve seriously downsized, but today i don’t even envy yours one little bit! I sure hope the smoke and fires are over here in the PNW…. it’s a lot better here in Eugene; I can even take long walks again. I have to say it felt a bit like Armageddon as we breathed smoke here in Oregon and watched Irma come to shore pretty close to our Florida home (our little cottage came through OK, we think). Addy is a joy! What a little charmer.

  2. Sallie, so thankful to hear your cottage in Florida is okay. What a storm that was! Glad you could take a walk in fresh air again. We are so enjoying blue skies and fresh air!

  3. That little Addy just gets sweeter all the time! What a smiley baby. No dust will settle on that little one. But.. shelves are another matter. What a big job and glad you got it done!

  4. Such a sweet collection of photos documenting this fast moving stage in a little ones life. She looks like such a content and happy girl, and it’s great you get to see her so often. All that ash clean up must have been daunting…it does get into every little corner. Yeah for a clean house and soon you’ll be stepping on cheerios, and when they leave….don’t be too quick to wipe away finger prints…they are lingering memories.

    • Haha…right? That’s a lot of days, though. I bought my first stocking stuffer today. BTW…I so want to be in England right now…sigh.

  5. Such fun to see these latest Addy photos!! What is that little girl doing? Trying to stand already? Doesn’t she know that she’s too young to do that? 🙂

    So Addy is actually there with you now and you are babysitting? Hope all is going well!

    (Haha! I hear you about the “degree in baby”! Things change all the time!)

  6. These are just such beautiful pictures! Also, I can’t believe how much cleaning you had to do but it sure must feel good to have it done! Now you’re ready for your special guest! Every grandchild brings his or her own joy but there is something about the first one – blazing the trail to the joys of grand parenting!

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