Spokane’s Torchlight Parade

During the Lilac Festival in Spokane there is a Torchlight Parade that honors all branches of the military and law enforcement. There are other entries in the parade, too. Many high school bands, drill teams and parade floats from cities around Washington State and Idaho participate. Many of the bands play military music like Anchors Aweigh and other songs.

This was Addy May’s first road trip. It’s about 70 miles from her house to Spokane.

We shared our parking space with some horse trailers and a few horses.

After we found our parking spot and the parade was about to begin Addy was tucked into her front carrier shielded from the sunshine and we headed for the downtown area. Before we crossed the Spokane River we got to see some floats that were lined up in order ready to proceed to the parade route.

Lots of water this year and the river was churning.

The Red Hot Mamas were very entertaining. They had some great moves and lively music. It was fun to see bands in kilts.

This was the most sobering part of the parade. Each one of the men and women pictured here lost their lives in the line of duty. After this board went by friends and family members carried large poster boards with a photo of their loved ones with their service dates and the date that they died. There were rows and rows and rows. Everyone stood and took their hats off to honor the fallen. May God comfort all the families who have lost their loved ones.

We left after the portion of the parade we came to see went past us. Addy slept the whole time and didn’t wake up when she was gently tucked into the car seat and then she slept all the way home! Woohoo! A very successful first long outing.

I am safe and sound in California at my sister Vera’s home. Tomorrow we will head over to our sister Kathy’s to celebrate our Pop’s 94th birthday. We will be celebrating again on Saturday with a dinner here at my sister Vera’s home in Huntington Beach. I’m happy to say that Southern California is not scorching on this visit of mine like the last few trips have been. On the airplane today I was reading a portion of Psalm 119 and had to write out these verses.

Psalm 119: 133  Keep steady my steps according to your promise and let no iniquity get dominion over me.
Psalm 119: 160  The sum of your word is truth and every one of your righteous rules endures forever.
Psalm 119: 175  Let my soul live and praise you and let your rules help me.
Hope all is well with your soul…
About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Spokane’s Torchlight Parade

  1. What lovely photos of your granddaughter and of the festival! Our nearby town hosts a Lilac Festival this coming weekend. There is a parade, rides and games for the kids, vendors and music on stage, and fireworks and a fire apparatus parade to wrap it up on Sunday night.😎

  2. What a great outing for little Addy. The Lilac Parade looks amazing – so many lost lives honoured as well. Enjoy your time in CA and especially the celebrations for your dear Pop! Safe travels.

  3. Keep steady my steps- thank you for these much needed words today! That Addy has coped very well with a long car journey! I remember baby Mattman on his first long stretch down through Scotland to the Lake District. I was playing with puppets and reading books and doing everything I could think of to distract him from discomfort, but in the end it was all tears!

  4. Happy Birthday to your amazing father — I’m glad Addy’s first outing was so successful. I’d forgotten about Spokane’s Lilac Festival. Our little tiny Clarkston High band marched in it one year (maybe 1955 or 56…back in the dark ages — we got to stay overnight at the Davenport Hotel — what an adventure! Thanks for the memories!

  5. I think it is awesome that Spokane honors our military men and women and law enforcement with a parade! They do so much to keep us safe! I am so glad that Addy’s first outing went so well!
    The photos are so lovely!
    Wishing your father a very happy 94th birthday!
    Enjoy your visit with your family!

  6. The Torchlight Parade looks like a lot of fun. Very cute photos of Addy May and her mom, who is sowing the seeds for many happy traveling moments looks like. Loved the horse and his trailer. I would share my parking spot with him and I enjoyed the photos of the parade. The ones with the wall of the fallen was very touching and it was good to hear people showed the proper respect. Those water shots looked dramatic and dangerous and beautiful. Happy Birthday to your Pop and happy traveling.

  7. Who doesn’t like a parade. Sounds like a fun day.
    Glad to hear you have arrived safely.
    Happy Birthday to your Dad.
    I have a cousin who lives in Huntington Beach on Aulnay Lane. Would be something if it was near where you are!!

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