He’s Another Year Old Today…

Technically he was another year old yesterday.

14317439_10210161594261007_2186919252756866346_nMy dear old Pop turned 94 years old on Thursday. This photo is from last year when he was 93 at his great granddaughter’s birthday party. Vera and I drove to Kathy’s yesterday to wish him a happy birthday and to have dinner with him and Kathy’s family. Before dinner we all prayed individually to our God to bless our dear Pop in his final days on this earth with peace and joy.

This is my pop and me in 1973 and 2017. We both have aged a bit. I’ve put on weight and he’s lost a lot of weight and muscle.

Last year he got cherry pie which he really enjoys.

This year Vera and I baked my mom’s signature nut roll called Roolyet. My pop talked about the fact that my mom’s Roolyet was the best. He said no one made roolyet like mom. We were hoping ours would measure up.

We put the candle in his birthday roolyet and he enjoyed blowing it out. He did say, “I’m 94 why only 1 candle?”

Pop loved our attempt and he teared up because it brought back good memories of his bride. He told us to make it again on Saturday when we have another party on the books. I’ll be posting the recipe on Mennonite Girls Can Cook on May 31st.

This is my sister Kathy’s family minus their son-in-law Ryan who is busy wrapping up his teaching year. Vera and me are flanking our pop with Avery. Pop got calls from his other kids and even got a call from our younger sister who is vacationing in Iceland to wish him a happy birthday. After dinner and all the excitement of the day he sat down to watch Jeopardy and then excused himself and retired to his room to read his Bible and pray for all of us like he does every night. Vera and I hit the four freeways we needed to take to get back home. There are a lot of freeways in Southern California!

Friday is sister day and the three sisters that are here right now will have some fun. Lana is on her way to Scotland with her hubby after spending time in Iceland which is an okay trade-off for not being here for sister day.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

17 thoughts on “He’s Another Year Old Today…

  1. Your Dad…what a cool guy! He looks fantastic, and I hope his birthday was overall a great one. I know he misses your Mom. It was sweet if you and your sister to put your hearts and hands into recreating Roolyet to make his day extra special. What a family!

  2. So nice to see your pop still with you! God has granted some of us extra years with our Dad’s and aren’t we ever grateful?!

  3. Aw – God Bless your dear Pop and all of you too! The Roolyet looks amazing. I have never heard of this and look forward to your post Ellen. Stay safe on all those freeways and have a wonderful sister time.

  4. Lovely to see the happy occasion for your father’s birthday. I remember seeing last year’s photos at that time. Doesn’t time fly? I’m happy that your dear Pop has been doing well over this last year, bless him. I hope your sister has a lovely time in Scotland after visiting Iceland. Sister Day sounds like a good thing to celebrate. I’m an only, but my sister-in-laws are dear to me having known them since I was a teenager. I hope you have a lovely day.

  5. Oh, this is such a sweet post!! What a treat to be able to celebrate 94 years with your dad. Sounds like he has a sense of humor too. 🙂 I love the old and new photos that you shared . . . beautiful then and now!

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