And Now I’m Headed South

We arrived home from northeastern Washington just after noon on Tuesday and now I’m packing to fly to Southern California early on Wednesday morning. But in the meantime I’m relishing all the time we had with little Addy May and her parents.

Mommy and Addy have lots to share with each other.

While the grown ups enjoy their dinner Addy sits and watches from this little baby lounger.

Some views from around our kid’s property. The lilac is such a rich beautiful color. The chicken coup got moved in a new position and cleaned out. The new position will make it easier to retrieve eggs in the winter and also make it easier for the chickens to get in and out. Speaking of chickens some animal has been killing them and only leaving a pile of feathers. They are down to only 2 chickens. Maybe this hawk that likes to circle above the chicken coup is to blame or a fox.

I take this shot every time we visit. This is taken from the drive down from the kid’s home to the main road. Above taken on May 20th and the photo below was taken in April.

Most of the water that you see in this shot from April has been absorbed and there will be lots of dry grass to deal with come summer. We plan to get back to visit our kids again in the latter part of June.

I’m hoping I will have more time while I’m in California to visit and see what you all have been up to.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

17 thoughts on “And Now I’m Headed South

  1. You do such an amazing job of sharing the latest on these two lovebirds and their adorable Addie. Thank you for sharing. I am miles away but feel so involved being able to enjoy your photos.

    Have a safe trip and p
    lease keep up the wonderful work.
    Jamie’s cousin Barby.

  2. Your son lives in a beautiful valley! Maybe some day I’ll get to visit Colville (a cousin lives there!).
    As always, Addy is adorable!
    What’s the occasion in SoCal? tomorrow’s forecast is cooler weather. Hopefully by Friday it will warm up again.

    • Hello Willow, I’m okay with cooler weather for sure. I’m here because my pop turns 94 tomorrow and I haven’t seen him since January. Enjoy your duel retirement!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos, and little Addy’s photos are so precious. We had problems with losing our flock of chickens too, it was probably both a fox, and a hawk! What we did was to lock them up at night! We also strung string across the fenced in area from one corner to another, birds will not fly into something that looks like a net! These two things have proven to be successful in keeping our chickens safe. Good luck to you children in keeping theirs safe, I know it can be so disappointing, been there!~smile~

  4. Thank you for sharing these precious images of Addy. She and her mom are so beautiful. I love the flowers and the view from their property. So sad about the chickens, though. God bless you as you travel.

  5. Addy May is so beautiful, Ellen. I know she brings you much joy. I know you and your husband are a blessing to your kids when you are able to visit…always busy doing something. 🙂
    Have a safe trip to California.

  6. Cute little Addy! Sorry to hear about the chickens. It sure could be a hawk. (or fox or raccoon or neighbor dog) Those poppies you have pictured are beautiful!

  7. Oh that Addy, she is just precious! I know you enjoyed your visit there so much, and it must be hard to leave! You are a busy lady, lots of travels! So so sorry to hear about your kids suffering the loss of their chickens, oh that is just terrible! It makes me sad to think of it.

    Enjoy your time in California 🙂

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