Rest Stop

Last Friday on our journey from Western Washington to Northeastern Washington we stopped at a rest area we hadn’t stopped at before on our past trips.

The rest area in Sprague had some beautiful Spring views.

It was good to stretch our legs and enjoy the views before we drove into Spokane and then headed north to our destination.

I’ve been quite busy at our kids home holding sweet Addy May and helping out here and there so I haven’t been able to visit much if at all. Hope all is well in your corners of the world. Happy Victoria Day to our Canadian neighbors!

Here’s one of my great views with more to come.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Rest Stop

  1. Oh my, she is adorable Ellen. Such a cutie and that smile would melt anyone’s heart. That is also one of the prettiest rest stops. A lovely photo of you too.

  2. “Rest stop” has multiple layers of meaning. I hope that you are enjoying your “rest stop” with your children this week. That last photo makes me melt.

  3. The photo of Addy May is priceless, I am always amazed at the message that eye contact relays! Your rest stop photos are so lovely too! It is alway so nice to find places while traveling, to just stop and “rest”! I so relate to not being able to visit,, nor post as we have been so busy too! Enjoy your trip.

  4. That is a beautiful photo of Addy and her mom. They are obviously totally smitten with one another, which is just what is needed for quality bonding. Love that you captured it so well…

  5. Hello Ellen,
    I have been taking some time today, to catch up with what has been going on in your world. I have enjoyed it immensely. I cannot get over how much

    Addy has grown. She was beautiful as a newborn and she just gets more so every time I see her. I loved the one with her little brows furrowed. She was definitely was concentrating on something.

    Iloved all of the pictures from your tea with your daughter. My daughter did tnat with me a few years ago because we are never together on Mother’s Day.

    Just one more comment…if the picture on the Hodgepodge question about being a pack rat is your I have to say you are the most organzied pack rat I’ve ever seen

  6. I’ve never been to that rest stop, and my husband didn’t recognize it either, but it sure looked wonderful with all the spring colors and the views of the water. Great picture of you too! And Addy! Oh my goodness, she is SO precious! I hope you have a blessed and amazing weekend 🙂

  7. Oh that sweet baby!! That portrait is one for her memory book for sure. Always enjoy seeing Eastern Washington countryside — my favorite Aunt and Uncle lived in Sprague (we grew up in far eastern WA, Clarkston.., Trips to Sprague and Spokane were adventures for us as kids.

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