Wednesday Washday in Amish Country


I don’t know if every Wednesday is washday but on this particular Wednesday as we drove the country roads we spotted many wash lines filled with clothing drying in the wind. This area has a large population of both Amish and Mennonite folk.




Soaked and scrubbed in a round tin tub
with homemade soap
up and down the ribs of a wooden washboard
by hands rubbed red & raw
on a windy wash day morn.

Stiffened with starch, squeezed
and wrung to a twisted laundry rope
then hung on lines to flap
back and forth and snap dry
on a windy wash day morn.

Laid on the lawn like paper cutouts
clean shirts and sheets, towels and skirts
smelling of sun and clouds and wind
wait to be ironed and worn and dirtied
again for another wash day morn.

~ Brenda Seabrooke, American poet and novelist




They really have some great pulley systems and other clothes hanging inventions to make the job more efficient.

Do you have a set day to do laundry?

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14 thoughts on “Wednesday Washday in Amish Country

  1. Beautiful pictures Ellen. I love washline pictures and have taken photos of them in Portugal – hanging from balconies and from Newfoundland where the wash drys horizontally in the wind! Funny how the drying pants look like little boys hanging on the line and the towels are hung sideways. All so different. I don’t have a particular wash day and seem to leave it till Saturdays like I always did when I was still working. I should get a better schedule I guess!

  2. What is it about seeing wash all lined up on the line outside. So homey and comforting. My mom used to hang her laundry all the time. I still remember the smell and nothing in the bottles compares.

  3. I love my clothesline and use it every day that I can. There’s a lot of laundry hanging out there! There’s something beautiful about a clothesline full of clean laundry.

  4. I love seeing Amish clotheslines! I don’t have a set day for laundry – or any other household chore. My work schedule is restricting enough – I try to keep it more relaxed at home.

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