Shipshe Flea Market Signs


When we were in Shipshewana we spent some time at the Flea Market and saw these signs and other merchandise.



The Time Out chairs cracked me up.



“I had a Fit Now I gotta sit”  and Time Out ~ “Have Mercy on me O Lord For I’m in Trouble”

There were lots of items I wanted to bring home with me but alas my suitcase wasn’t the size of a pick-up truck.


I bought this Celebrations sign with discs and hearts to add for our family birthdays and anniversaries.

We are being threatened with a mighty wind storm and lots of rain to blow through our region. We have been busy “battening down the hatches” at this old house. We’ve mowed and cleaned out the planters and soon we’ll have more leaves to deal with because of the mighty winds. Hopefully we won’t lose power. Hope y’all are enjoying Fall!

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About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Shipshe Flea Market Signs

  1. Those chairs are adorable! I like the hissy fit/gotta sit one especially. The Celebrations sign is really cool and makes a unique decor item personal. Stay safe in the storm…hope it doesn’t take off with too many pretty leaves.

  2. Those time-out chairs are so cute. I can see why you could have used a truck. Glad you got to go to the Flea Market – I’ve heard it’s a good one! Stay safe in the storm.

  3. Those time out chairs are great! I guess some kids get to sit while ours stand. =)
    I love your celebrations sigh with hooks.

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