Birthday Memories from Montebello!

Today is my birthday and I decided to go down memory lane and post some older photos and show you a little of my history.


First I’ll surround myself with things I enjoy. I do know how to pamper me 🙂


I think this is my seventh birthday because of the candles on the cake which would make this 1958.


This is our dining room at 4635 Oak Street in Montebello Gardens. We lived here till I was in 5th grade. My brother Fred, sister Vera, me, my cousin Jim and my sister Kathy who got cut off when I posted this (sorry Kathy)


This birthday was either 1960 or 1961 because there’s my little brother Steve in the high chair and he was born in December of 1959. This is the kitchen and my cousins around me are Tanya, Valia, Vera, Johnny, and you can barely see Walter. These next 4 photos were taken just last Sunday when we ended up driving through Montebello to go to a family function in Whittier.

While we lived on Oak Street in Montebello Gardens (Pico Rivera) my 3 older siblings and I would walk to the Montebello library to check out books. We’d head to Whittier Blvd. and have to cross this bridge over the Rio Hondo River to get to the library. It was approximately 2 miles each way.

The library was located at Montebello Park. This is the building the library was housed in where I spent many happy hours looking at all those books and trying to choose just 4. Now it’s a senior center.

We moved from Montebello Gardens across the river to Montebello when I was in 5th grade. This is our house at 305 Los Angeles Ave. When we lived here there wasn’t a second story and there wasn’t a chain link fence. Although a chain link fence would have come in handy after the twins (escape artists) were born…


This was my high school. Montebello High home of the Montebello Oilers. It’s totally fenced in now so they can have Lock-downs. How sad is that?! That’s a reality of our times. No fences in the 60’s!


The football field that I spent most Friday nights at during football season in high school. It’s under renovation.


In my junior and senior year I was a Song-leader and part of the cheer squad. I’m in the bottom row on the right.  Judy, my best friend from junior high and high school is next to me. Debbie next to her. The top row left to right is Kathy, Bet (yes we called her Bet), and Judy. You can see those same stands behind us. This photo was taken in fall of 1967. We’re seniors here and will all graduated in June of 1968.

These are the photos I had access to while I’m here at the condo in California. Tomorrow I fly to Seattle to see my kids and celebrate Easter with them. I’ll be there for a couple of weeks. I haven’t seen them face to face since January 1st so I’m really looking forward to my time with them.

This was taken last Easter in Edmonds overlooking Puget Sound at our good friends Dave and Jody’s. They started the tradition of eating  fish on Easter because that is what Jesus ate after his resurrection to show the Disciples He was alive.
Thanks for indulging me and I couldn’t resist the Beatles singing Happy Birthday to finish off this post. Thanks Myrna.
Photobucket is holding all my photos from 2007-2015 hostage. I’m working on updating my blog posts very slowly.
About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

30 thoughts on “Birthday Memories from Montebello!

  1. Happy Birthday, Ellen B. Your blog continues to inspire and encourage with pictures and posts that celebrate the beauty of life and family and God’s creation. You give some of the greatest gifts to us, your readers. Have a blessed day! And eat cake!

  2. Hap hap happy birthday to you. I sincerely wish for you a year of God’s richest blessings.

    Love the old photos and the Beatles singing to you too.

  3. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing your special day with us! I loved the old pics of your youth. Family … is what it’s all about! Have a very Happy Birthday Ellen and a Blessed Easter with family and friends.

  4. Happy, happy birthday, Ellen!

    When I was little our Sunday School class used to sing this rousing birthday song to the Birthday Girl:

    A happy birthday to you,
    A happy birthday to you,
    Every day of the year,
    May you feel Jesus near,
    A happy birthday to you,
    A happy birthday to you,
    And the best year you’ve ever had!

    I especially loved the first picture of you, a little lady with her legs crossed so demurely.

    Have a wonderful day and year!

  5. What a terrific walk down your memory lane! How I miss seeing schools without the ubiquitous fencing. God bless you richly, Ellen, in this new year in your life.

  6. Happy Birthday Dear Ellen,
    Wish you a very happy day and a wonderfull new year.
    Remember those houses very well, spent alot of time there
    during our school breaks. I still remember the little chick
    we received during Easter and my chick died in the can of oil,
    all that happed on Øak St.
    Again, Happy Birthday Dear Cousin,
    Love Vera

  7. Happy Birthday dearest sister of mine! I stole the picture of little Joe, you and big joe from little joe’s pictures he downloaded on my computer to make a disk. I never deleted them afterwards!! 🙂

    I will now be singing that Beatles song all day thank you very much!

  8. I’ll add another verse from the version of Happy B-day that we sing

    May the good Lord bless you
    May the good Lord bless you
    May the good Lord bless Ellen
    May the good Lord bless you!


    Happiest of b-days – enjoy your time with family.


    PS thanks for the Beatles youtube – I have a Beatles fan turning 20 in one week and I’m going to put this on his facebook he’ll love it!

  9. Happy Birthday Mom B! I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and spend time with you over the next couple of weeks. You are an incredible woman. I wish you God’s absolute best today and in the year to come. Praying abundant blessings over you! With lots of love, Laura

  10. Happy Birthday again. May this year be filled with many blessings from God. You are a great sister and friend.
    I love you.

  11. Thank you all sooo much for your kind words and well wishes on my birthday. I really appreciate you all and the encouragement you are to me. It is good to be a part of the “body”. May God bless you all richly!
    ellen b

  12. Have you heard anything about a MHS reunion this year?

    Hi Jon,
    I haven’t heard anything but yikes it would be our 40th reunion. Where did the time fly? 🙂

  13. I was wondering if you could tell me something? You lived in Montebello, CA did you by chance know the Urazoff’s that live in Montebello? My grandparents (Anafonsia and Anastacia) not sure if i spelled them correctly lived there. My mothers name is Nadia Woolman, my aunt and uncle is Nick & Carol Urazoff. Please let me know I would love to find out more about my grandparents side of the family. Thank You, Ruth

    • Hello Ruth.

      I believe I am your half-sister if your mother’s name is Woolman by marriage to Frank Edgar Woolman (my birth father). I have been working on our family tree for several years through I’ve tried to contact you a couple of times, but research can often be time cosuming.

      I can give you access to view the tree if you are family. I was researching Nadia Urazoff when this blog appeared.

      If you are not (my half-sister) a relative I will not bother you.

    • I grew up in Montebello. My parents still live there. How it has changed. My sister Olivia
      was on the drill time back in 1969-1970. (Rigettes?) I wonder if you knew her?

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