Come to Seattle ~ A Little Tour

Dear arrived last night to Seattle for two whole weeks of vacation so we have a lot of relational, family, friend, and fellowship time in store for us. My and Lana G.‘s brother Leonard and his wife Mandy arrive Sunday night to visit us all for the week. My brother Leonard is Lana’s twin and my baby brother. He’s younger than Lana by 7 minutes and me by 12 years.

If my blogging is sporadic next week you’ll know why. We are off seeing the sights, eating out, and laughing our heads off. With your head off it’s hard to post anything of importance. I wanted to show you some fun sights that we might visit. I’m sure later I’ll have some actual shots of what we did. Blessings on your week with the 4th stuck right in the middle! Oh and to my Canadian friends Happy Canada Day tomorrow!

These are the beautiful grounds of Chateau Ste Michelle, a winery very close to our home.

They offer wine tours on the hour and are a great tourist destination. There is another winery across the road called Columbia. Then next door to the Columbia Winery is the Redhook Brewery that offers tours and has a restaurant and outdoor movies in the summer. Next door to the Redhook brewery is the renowned Herbfarm Restaurant and the Willows Lodge. The restaurant serves a several course meal (different each night) paired with wines and you will probably dish out $400 per couple for the evening. Dear and I won’t be going there in this lifetime. Redhook’s a lot cheaper with sandwiches and salads, etc. 🙂

Meanwhile, back at the Chateau, you’ll see ponds and flowers and peacocks.

This is the doorway to the main entrance. If you don’t drink wine but are interested in the tour they also offer grape juice at the end of the tour of the winery.

But now let’s go to the fun neighborhood of Fremont. Close to downtown Seattle and just across the Fremont bridge from Seattle Pacific University.

This is our famous troll that lives under the Aurora bridge. It’s huge. That’s an actual VW bug that it has it’s hand over. These are 3 of my nephews posing…

Why on earth does Fremont have the largest statue in the U.S. of the worst Russian leader of all time?!


This is  Kerry Park where you can see this famous view of Seattle and Elliot Bay. This was taken in the Fall. If we’d step to the left about 4 feet you could see more of downtown!

This is the Edmond’s Ferry Dock (I stole this photo from my son’s blog). We have several ferry routes around the area that  you can take to the Olympic Peninsula or many of the Washington Islands. Being surrounded by water, islands, and mountains makes Seattle unique and a great adventure. So make sure you put Seattle on your list of destinations to visit before you die. Come in July or August if you want more sunshine!

Photobucket is holding all the photos of mine from this post hostage as of July 2017.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Come to Seattle ~ A Little Tour

  1. I very much enjoyed your tour of Seattle. We were there in 1986 for a Kenneth Copeland Rally and really enjoyed it but didn’t have much time for site seeing. Of course we did the tower and the wharf!! What impressed me the most was the bright COLOR in the beautiful flowers. Enjoy your week and I look forward to more pictures.
    Susan – Penless writer

    Hi Susan, You are right, the flowers here in this climate are vibrant! Blessings.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I’d like to visit Seattle someday since I love mountains, cloudy days, temperate weather, and good, strong coffee! Maryland’s so far away though…for now I’ll settle for your blog tour. Have fun with your family.

    Angie, I hope you can make it to Seattle sometime. Thanks for taking my tour!

  3. well you just have a fabulous time venturing about with family. such fun.
    Thank you for the Canada Day happy thoughts and blessing to you on the 4th.

    Lovella, Thank You!

  4. What an awesome blogging tour! I love Seattle!!!! When my mother was very sick we spent much time at Virginia Mason — and found the city warm and comforting in a strange way during a most difficult time. Since then, adventures there have focused on more on the markets, ferries, and the Sound. Great place! Thanks for sharing!

    Hi LaTeaDah! I’m glad you’ve made it to this nice city…blessings on you.

  5. Ellen, thanks for the little tour. We will be there next month visiting family in Aberdeen, Everett and Lake Stevens…and considering a move…and might just check out the wineries. Also, thank you for your comments on my blog recently; still figuring things out! It’s great fun.

    Sara, I’ll be interested in hearing what you decide about moving to this area. Enjoy your family next month. We’ll be back in Cali.

  6. I have been reading your site for the first time. I found it through Show & Tell Friday. I am going to visit my daughter in Tacoma in July. We wanted to go to Butchart gardens and it seems there is no easy way to get there. Do you have any suggestions or know of any other similair places. If you would e-mail me I would appreciate it.

    Hi Sharon, I’ll email you with the easiest way I know…Enjoy your visit!

  7. Hi Ellen,
    Chateau St. Michele is one of our favorite vintners! We love their Reisling. Very food friendly. So fun that you live nearby!
    Thanks for the tour! I’d love to come visit Seattle someday.

    Kim, I could tell from miles away that you have great taste!

  8. grape juice?

    🙂 Jody, The only reason I know they serve grape juice is because when Katie was little and took the tour with us they offered her a glass of grape juice. She swirled it in the glass and said “It has a lovely bouquet”.

  9. Since you’re going to be eating out, you may like to let us know about the <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>5 best…</a>

    thanks Miss M., I left a comment with a couple restaurant meme links for you to check out. Blesssings!

  10. Okay, I’m puzzled too with the statue of Lenin! I was even surprised to see his statue all over Russia when we were there in 2002–I’d been under the impression that “the people” had quickly removed his memory as best they could in the early 90’s. Still, he IS a huge part of their history–but NOT Seattle’s/Fremont’s! 🙂

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