Show and Tell Fridays ~ Pigeons

 Time for show and Tell Friday ~


It’s hard to see but that’s me with the pigeon on my head. My sister Kathy is behind me and then my dad and my sister Vera are to the right. Love the dresses, shoes and socks! Also before I get to the point of this post (the pigeon) I’d like you to notice the clothesline behind us with all the clothespins on it. Yep…we used to hang our laundry on those lines and I had to get my first stitches from falling off a chair and hitting a porch while hanging laundry. But about the Pigeon…if you are an animal activist or are very sensitive don’t read the rest of this post. Consider yourself warned!!!

We were on the poor side growing up. Until my dad landed a good Carpenters job and was a member of the Carpenter’s Union he worked piece jobs, etc. He went to work everyday but sometimes the money got real scarce. My mother did not work outside the home. For some crazy reason my dad also decided to raise pigeons. We had a pigeon coupe in our backyard. Lovely, “rats with wings” is what we call them now. Back then we loved those pigeons and we all picked one to be our pet. There were 4 of us kids during this time, the next 4 hadn’t arrived yet. Anyway…my pet pigeon was named Green Neck. Not hard to guess why I came up with that name. One day when my mom didn’t know what she’d be able to cook for dinner my parents decided to kill some pigeons and make pigeon soup. THEY PICKED GREEN NECK to be one of the victims! I can’t begin to tell you how upsetting this was. (It did not traumatize me for life, I can chuckle about it now) The 4 of us kids had a “we will not eat that soup strike.” There was solidarity on this strike. I know there was no way I was gonna eat Green Neck even if it meant going to bed hungry…

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23 thoughts on “Show and Tell Fridays ~ Pigeons

  1. Ok, I’m not saying that pigeon soup is wrong, and if I were hungry it may be pretty good, but this morning it doesn’t sound really appetizing. LOL. I’m glad you weren’t traumatized.

    Kim, If I ever have to eat pigeon soup I hope I’m not informed it’s pigeon soup! 🙂

  2. Poor Green Neck.
    I love the outfits. I think I had a dress very much like yours with the big collar; my mother made it.
    And the clothesline–we had one too. With seven kids, my parents and a live-in grandma, we were constantly either hanging up or taking down clothes!

    Pam, Sounds like we have a lot in commom. Boy when the next four were born after me hanging those cloth diapers was a never ending task!

  3. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! My grandfather raised homing(sp?) pidgeons.
    Sorry about green neck 😦
    p.s. love the dresses!

    Hi Linda, thanks for your sympathy…blessings 🙂

  4. Okay, how did I not hear this story?! Pigeon Soup? What were they thinking? Of course there would be a revolt. I love my mother and father dearly, but Green Neck Pigeon Soup? Oy! LOL 😉

    Lana, I’m glad I started a blog to let out all the family secrets…more coming!

  5. Oh — poor green neck! Good thing they told you about it beforehand — it would have been awful to eat it and then find out afterward. I am glad you can chuckle about it now!
    Love the dresses and shoes and sock!

    Barbara, I’m chuckling now… thanks for stopping by.

  6. The picture is wonderful, I love the outfits! So sad about poor Green Neck. I would have gone on a soup strike too!! LOL

    Hi Kelli, glad we agree on the strike! blessings…

  7. Oh, I’m so glad you came by my blog and commented so that I could find you…..great story and picture….I’ve heard of being in the soup but Green Neck knew about it first hand….Please come again…Betty
    Hi Betty, I’m glad you found me, too. Blessings…

  8. I love seeing black and white family photos. And those dresses are adorable. (o:

    Hi Mrs. B, I’m so glad we have some of those black and white memories…thanks for coming by.

  9. You didn’t say what year the picture was taken — but what strikes me about the picture is how nicely you girls all look in your nicely ironed and probably starches dresses. I’m afraid our casual look of today is missing a lot of the charm of those days. I never dress my little girls in anything but dresses and never dreamed of not ironing them.
    Sad story on Green Neck. I wouldn’t have eaten either.

    Hi Susan, The picture was taken in the later 50’s…those were charming days. Blessings.

  10. Well, I never would have considered a pidgeon as a pet, but this is a great story. I love the dresses, etc. They look like they’re from my era.

    Hi Morning Glory, Thanks for stopping by. The picture is from the late 50’s.

  11. The picture is great. I love how your sister is standing. Already practicing the lady like poses.
    This is one of the great family memory stories. I bet you were horrified then about eating Green NEck. =)

    She does have that pose down, thanks for stopping by amazinggraze

  12. Oh, how sad. I wouldn’t have been able to eat the soup either.
    I do love the photo and everything in it. Beautiful!
    Thanks for visiting my Show and Tell today.
    Enjoy your weekend ~

    hi Christina, Blessings on you…

  13. Thanks for sharing the photo with us. It was fun to see it.
    Oh poor pigeon. He had to be used as soup.
    Thanks for visiting my site. Come back anytime.

    Hi Lori, Yes poor Green Neck, Blessings on you…

  14. OH my goodness. Good thing you can laugh about it now. Honestly, I was laughing too. I am sure it wasn’t funny at the time though. It is good that we can look back at things and laugh even though at the time they were not funny! Thanks for stopping by!

    Amber, I’m glad you’re laughing, it makes me smile now everytime I remember that scene. Blessings…

  15. Boy, I sure can remember sitting there and refusing to eat the soup. What a memory that is.

    Kathy, those were the days…

  16. You look like models in those dresses. I think I had that same outfit–socks and all!
    Pet Pigeon Soup–I would have been on strike also. Of course at my house if you didn’t eat what was offered, you didn’t eat! I think I would have still been with you on the strike!

    Hi Myrna, That’s exactly why we went to bed hungry, there weren’t options for us either…Blessings.

  17. I just love the dresses for little girls back then and the shoes! I miss it!

    Pam, It would be fun to dress up again…thanks for stopping by.

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