Tuesdays with Moisi ~

At least once a month my sisters, nieces and grand-nephew Jack go over to my mom and dad’s for a Tuesday evening meal. My mom has always been a cook for the masses. She enjoys cooking and enjoys finding new things to impress us with. She did not disappoint this past Tuesday. Usually I’m in Seattle when these meals take place but now that I am in Southern California on a more full-time basis I got in on this one. I’m sharing my Tuesday photo log with you that begins in Whittier at my sister’s house then continues in Brea at my parent’s apartment (an hour and a half drive from my condo). It’s fun to squeeze all of us into that one bedroom apartment. Oh by the way that clever title is because my dad’s name is Moisi and many of his “American” friends called him Morrie over the years…

Jack showing me his expertise on his scooter.

Hiding in the bushes…

Couldn’t resist getting a shot of the beautiful blooms on these trees in Whittier on my way to Moisi & Nadia’s

Here’s dear old Moisi (Morrie)

The feast begins with yummy scones and …

chicken salad heart shaped bites

Green salad with nectarines and pine nuts, sister Vera is holding the bowl

The three lovely nieces, Michelle, Melissa, and Debbee

My Mom the happy, exhausted cook…

I didn’t get photos of the asparagus with orange slices, the piroshki with a mushroom white sauce, and the fruit salad and banana bread dessert. I also omitted the photo of my sister Kathy and Lana because Lana would not have been pleased with her facial expression…

Here’s a shot of the 3 missing in the photo log just in a different time and different place…

Photobucket is holding all the photos from this post hostage as of July 2017


About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Moisi ~

  1. What a lovely feast and wonderful family! Consider yourself blessed.

    Pistol, We praise the Lord everyday for His grace in our lives. Blessings on you…

  2. Oh Ellen and Lana! What special times and memories! A Mother and Father’s Love … there is nothing like it in the world, is there? Family and the tie that binds … a God who loves us dearly! Blessed indeed!

    Pam, God is good and it is a blessing indeed to recognize His love for us. God’s continued blessings on you…

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time with your family! Your little nephew looks so adorable on that scooter. Look at his concentration.

    Hi Susanne, We all love watching that little guy…Blessings

  4. What fun!! Your family sounds wonderful. And your mother cooked a FEAST and it’s sooo pretty, too!! She just didn’t slap in on the table, NO!! She really made things nice!! What a wonderful example of a homemaker she must’ve been!!
    Mrs. U

    Hi Mrs. U, My mom was the ultimate sahm. She doesn’t drive to this day. blessings on you.

  5. What lovely memories! 🙂
    I lived in Whittier when I first moved to CA. And my MIL lives in Brea. We’ll be there the first week of July…

    Hi Rabbit, this is one small blogging world we live in after all…

  6. It is always a treat and that mother of ours is just too cute.
    The trees with the purple flowers are Jacarandas. When the girls were little we had to drive over the blossoms that were on the street and we’d open the windows so we could hear them pop. We were and are easily amused. These trees also have a delightful scent when you walk by.

    Kathy, thanks for your descriptions of the Jacaranda!

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