…is what this good old address book is to me. It’s come to the rescue of many a family member who has needed an address but failed to come up with it in their new modern devices. If I had $10 for every address I’ve supplied for weddings, baby showers, Christmas cards etc., I’d be able to take a little trip somewhere.

Do you still have a good old address book, tattered and worn?

In other news…

We’ve had more wind this weekend so the patio covers came off again and we decided to go ahead and put most of the patio furniture back in the loft area of our garage.

I’ll be busy this week again dealing with the fallen leaves.

We enjoyed the breezes with the door open until things got too wild. Lots of wind but very mild temps!

How was your weekend?

And So It Begins…

Bathroom 001

The fun has started on our main floor bathroom. Dear will be doing all the stripping of the old materials ahead of the bath renovators coming in later in July. We have to start ahead of time because we are weekend warriors. We have one more group event at our home that we will need the toilet for this Thursday so the major demo work won’t be until next weekend. Today that old window is coming out and hopefully by Sunday afternoon the new window will be in. The new window is being moved over to the next stud so we have room for a wider bathtub and surround.  The window project will involve some outdoor siding work also.

For now the tub is being used for trash!

Bathroom 002

Once the project is over I will share the before and after photos!

I’ll manage to fit in some soccer watching today, too. World Cup is starting this Thursday and I’m getting excited. Do you watch soccer at your house? I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I happen to really enjoy the sport.

What are you up to this weekend?