…is what this good old address book is to me. It’s come to the rescue of many a family member who has needed an address but failed to come up with it in their new modern devices. If I had $10 for every address I’ve supplied for weddings, baby showers, Christmas cards etc., I’d be able to take a little trip somewhere.

Do you still have a good old address book, tattered and worn?

In other news…

We’ve had more wind this weekend so the patio covers came off again and we decided to go ahead and put most of the patio furniture back in the loft area of our garage.

I’ll be busy this week again dealing with the fallen leaves.

We enjoyed the breezes with the door open until things got too wild. Lots of wind but very mild temps!

How was your weekend?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Reliable…

  1. Your old address book is a faithful friend! Love the bunnies on the cover. All my address books are the small purse-sized kind, which I never threw any away whenever I got a new one. The earliest one is from 1973 and has the cutest Holly Hobby picture on the cover. Funny the things we cart along with us through all the decades of our lives . . .

    Looks like autumn is getting ready to take over in your neighborhood.

  2. Aw! I like the old address book. Yes, I have had several and now I use a little file box.
    Wind! Fun! You must feel like fall is fully present with the falling leaves around you, E!
    Susan Branch says we should pay attention to the moon. Do you?

  3. You folks really have been getting some windy weather. We had to take our deck chairs in because some crazy squirrel was pulling the stuffing out. Wish I could have captured the whiskered thief as he took off with a load, comical and so not funny!

    I have my own address book, my mother’s, and my grandmother’s. They do come in handy.

  4. Hi Ellen, I have a “proper” address book, bought at Hallmark years ago. It’s pretty, and I keep it in our living room. I also have a Daytimer, where I keep lots of addresses, along with phone numbers and daily appointments. I’d be lost without this handy and ‘reliable’ book. 🙂

    Our weather here in N.C. was HOT and humid this past weekend. Yuck! However, it turned cool in a hurry; today we’ve had English weather — soft showers and cool temps. Works for me. 😀

    Have a great week!



  5. I too have an address book. I had to replace the old one so my blue book is only about 8 years old.
    I’m sure you know from your SoCal family that we are still very hot and hoping for rain.

  6. My husband computerized all the addresses from our address book and I tossed it when we moved. Sad to say half the people in my address book that I began as a newlywed in 1974 had passed away!We still have warm and lovely weather but October usually brings our first snow, so we will also be putting or outdoor furniture away soon. I am trying to squeeze out as much as I can from these last days of summer!

  7. I sometimes organize myself to the point of being disorganized! I have my old address book, a little one that was literally falling apart at the seams. I have a new address book. And I have a Word document with addresses. And can you believe that there are times that I still can’t find an address?! Good grief.

    We had some hot weather here on Saturday, but it was a bit milder on Sunday. Today, I could feel a tinge of autumn.

  8. Yes ! I still have all my old tattered address books and agree with you about providing addresses to so many who cannot seem to keep addresses in their devices ! Maybe that is why so many invitations to important events only come to us via group messaging. ( Maybe not ! )

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