Singing in the Rain

When Addy was here on Monday it started raining in the afternoon. She started asking if I had an umbrella for her. I wish I would have recorded her saying umbrella. It was something like umbuella or umbebella. So darn cute. When we went to the garage and found this one she wondered if I had something smaller for her. Sadly no but she managed to navigate with the big one.

JJ and mommy watched Addy and the progress on the shop from under cover.

We were hoping for another dry day today but alas it is raining. Dear will have to navigate the last 4 huge beams into their holes in the rain and then hope to get the concrete delivered tomorrow morning during a dry period, if possible.

And, in other news, our kids have spotted a bear on their property and lots of evidence that the bear is enjoying the apples from their apple tree. It also tried to get into one of their out buildings. YIKES! Just another day in the country… Thankfully this is the largest wild animal we have seen on our property. She was really staring us down as if she owned the property and wondered what we were doing on it. We were behind the slider.

Gleaned from my morning readings from Piper this time, Life As A Vapor:

Don’t be duped by the gurus of the age. 

One enslaving fad follows another.

The wisdom of this age is folly in view of eternity.

Don’t follow a defeated foe. Follow Christ. It is costly. You will be an exile in this age. But you will be free.

U is for Umbrella!

It’s time for the letter U and here in the Great Northwest a good choice for U is Umbrella.


Nate's wedding 025

We attended a wedding of the son of some dear friends of ours in Oregon and it just poured. The venue offered white umbrellas to all the guests. This photo above if of my cousin and his wife and the photo below is of my cousin and her husband. I think they pulled out their own black umbrella to use instead of using the venues white ones.

Nate's wedding 026

2014 NSB Tea 124

Our daughter again a couple years ago with a parasol. Close enough for jazz.

Thank you to Denise Nesbitt for starting ABC Wednesday and to Roger and the team, too!

Welcome December! Today our Thanksgiving company flies home and I will dive into the Christmas preparations. Have you started decorating yet?