November Photo Challenge

Photo*A*Day Challenge ~ Days 24-30

Apple * Shine * Food * Thankful * Makes Me Smile * Home * Scarf

P1050573Apple on our apple tree in late August.

Oxford Day 6 136Shine – taken in a chapel at one of the Oxford colleges in England.

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 016Food – yummy and comforting pub food in England.

our wedding1-001Thankful for 4 marriages that have lasted 40 years in our family, my sisters, ours, and two cousins. Dear and I will celebrate 40 years next Saturday!

early September 011Makes Me Smile ~ Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

before and afters 004Home ~ Where you can put your feet up and relax.

P1040224Scarf ~ My favorite scarves are my soccer scarves. This is me and my son Josh enjoying a U.S.A. National Team game at Century Link field in Seattle. Sunday night we’ll be wearing our Rave Green Sounders Soccer team scarves and hope that we can pull ahead of L.A. Galaxy to advance to the M.L.S. finals.

 Soccer scarf in Milan, Italy

Man U 034Old Trafford in Manchester, England. Manchester United vs. Sounders FC friendly scarf!

Our favorite scarves…The Seattle Sounders Season Ticket holders scarves!

Thank you to Kati for her Photo*A*Day Challenge for November.

We have put away Fall decor and we have brought down all our Christmas boxes from the attic. I started full speed ahead on decorating and then I walked into a chair full speed ahead and I think one of my toes is now broken. Oye and bother! Hopefully I’ll be able to walk about better tomorrow. We have a promise of a dry day and we need to go and buy our mystery tree. Have you started your Christmas decorating?


World Cup 2014 ~ Brazil


With World Cup 2014 in progress right now in Brazil I decided to re-post our photos from the 1994 World Cup in the U.S.A. I published this post on June 17, 2010. The kids and I flew down to Southern California and stayed with my parents for the duration of World Cup. Josh was able to get a ticket package for the Rose Bowl venue and Dan was able to get 2 tickets for the Brazil vs. Cameroon game in San Jose at Stanford. Dan and I traveled to Stanford to see that very colorful game.

img028In 1994 our boys were 15 and 13. We found the U.S.A. training facility in Southern California and were able to see some of the team and practice and get an autograph.

img027Later during our time in Southern California we found out the hotel the team was staying at and we traveled there and hung out watching for players so Josh could get his Team poster autographed.

img029Our patience won out and we had a great time.

img031This is Alexi Lalas with Josh and Dan.


Josh and Dan got every players signature on the team poster.  Lalas, Meola, Harkes, Dooley, Wagerle, Balboa, Ramos, Reyna, just to name a few. They also managed to get all the coaches signatures but one. The players were all friendly and willing to talk to the boys and sign autographs. What an exciting and fun experience for Josh and Dan and me!





Dan and I drove to Clovis and spent the night with my cousin and then we drove to a train station to take a commuter train to Stanford for the Brazil vs. Cameroon game. We found a shop that had a Brazilian flag and bought it for the game. Brazil brings a  party atmosphere to soccer games that’s hard to beat and we had fun experiencing it.


img023We finished off our time at 1994 World Cup with a game at the Rose Bowl where the final game would be played.

img035Participating in this historical event was thrilling for our family.



Dear was finally able to fly down to Southern California and join us at the end of our trip. The whole family had a fun day at Disneyland with our extended family in Southern California, too.


1994 was the first time the U.S.A. hosted World Cup. We were hoping the U.S.A. would be chosen for the 2018 World Cup or the 2022 but alas Russia and Qatar got the nod for those cups. Now we hear that there were some shady dealings in Qatar decision. The U.S.A. plays their first game on Monday against Ghana at 3 pm Pacific time. Our family room will be full of U.S.A. soccer fans!

USA-Panama3Go U.S.A.!

I’ll be adding my World Cup link to ABC Wednesday this week since we are at the letter W.

My Party Ride…

On Tuesday my son called me to say that his company had an extra ticket to the U.S.A. World Cup Qualifier Game against Panama at Century Link Field. He asked me if I’d like to meet up with him and go to the game. What do you think I said!? Yes, thank you. Off I went to a hotel in Bellevue to meet up with the rest of the group. Joshua’s company had reserved a party bus to take everyone across Lake Washington to the stadium. They also had booked a private suite for the game.



Josh was able to represent well with his USA warm-up. He and I were probably the most excited of the bunch to be going to the game. Soccer is a joy for me to watch and I understand that for many it would just make you yawn. We caught the “soccer bug” after going to World Cup games in the U.S.A. in 1994.


It was a beautiful day in Seattle and as we crossed Lake Washington it was fun to see all the sail boats out in force. What fun to just let someone else do the driving.



When we got into the stadium they were handing out complimentary scarves to everyone. We were very excited to receive these!


We headed to the elevators to go up to the Suite Level. I had never been on the Suite level before.


You have to have a ticket that shows a Suite # to be admitted onto this floor.


We looked down to our usual level when we come to a game. Our Club level is pretty sweet, too.


Here it is…Suite 16. We were very happy to see we were not far off from the 50 yard line! Woohoo!


Wow…this is going to be fun and comfortable!


Food and drinks included and 2 private restrooms.




We picked our seats and hung our flag and got ready to cheer the U.S.A. to victory!




The excitement was mounting and I sat ready to enjoy it all.


This is the Centennial year for soccer in the U.S.A. Our Seattle fans are the best and unfurled these banners to celebrate 100 years of history!


#6 Brad Evans and #18 Eddie Johnson are players from our own Sounders Football Club here in Seattle. Brad Evans scored the winning goal for the U.S.A. against Jamaica and Eddie Johnson scored a goal in this game against Panama. We’re proud of our Sounders!


At Half time we took the time to take some posed photos.


What a great group of people from all over the Western States that work for our son’s company. I met folks from Arizona, Utah, California, Idaho, Denver and Washington.




I was able to spot and zoom in on the Space Needle from our suite.


Great views all around. Scoring first made for a wonderful atmosphere in the stadium and the chants “We are going to Brazil” made for a lot of excitement. It’s not a given for a country as large as the U.S.A. to qualify for the World Cup. We won this game with a 2-0 result.


When the game was over we headed down to find The Party Ride bus to take us back to the East side of Lake Washington.


We spotted the Party Ride just where they let us off. There were a lot of people who wished they could hop on that bus with us.


What a great experience for this soccer lover to enjoy with my son. If you ever have a chance to enjoy a game in a suite I would highly recommend it.


The party bus was fun, too. I got home late and was happy to know I had nothing on my calendar until noon on Wednesday. It was nice to just relax the morning after all the fun I had on Tuesday night. Thank you dear son of mine for thinking of your soccer lovin mom! You are the best!

Today is Friday and if the weather is decent I’m headed to Edmonds for their annual Art Festival. I worked hard on Thursday clearing out the free standing cabinets in our kitchen to get ready for the new floors being installed in July. I cleared out our island cabinets as we will have to remove the island completely so the floor can be replaced under it. We have prep work to do before the flooring contractor can come in so I’ll be living with the bare necessities in my kitchen. I told Dear that if I’m too limited we might just have to eat out every night!

I’ve been so sad to see the news about the fires in Colorado. I do hope things come under control soon. Hope all is well where you live.

I’m joining in with The Tablescaper for her meme called “Oh the Places I’ve Been #9” since I’m home alone this week and have time to come and visit all the participants.