World Cup 2014 ~ Brazil


With World Cup 2014 in progress right now in Brazil I decided to re-post our photos from the 1994 World Cup in the U.S.A. I published this post on June 17, 2010. The kids and I flew down to Southern California and stayed with my parents for the duration of World Cup. Josh was able to get a ticket package for the Rose Bowl venue and Dan was able to get 2 tickets for the Brazil vs. Cameroon game in San Jose at Stanford. Dan and I traveled to Stanford to see that very colorful game.

img028In 1994 our boys were 15 and 13. We found the U.S.A. training facility in Southern California and were able to see some of the team and practice and get an autograph.

img027Later during our time in Southern California we found out the hotel the team was staying at and we traveled there and hung out watching for players so Josh could get his Team poster autographed.

img029Our patience won out and we had a great time.

img031This is Alexi Lalas with Josh and Dan.


Josh and Dan got every players signature on the team poster.  Lalas, Meola, Harkes, Dooley, Wagerle, Balboa, Ramos, Reyna, just to name a few. They also managed to get all the coaches signatures but one. The players were all friendly and willing to talk to the boys and sign autographs. What an exciting and fun experience for Josh and Dan and me!





Dan and I drove to Clovis and spent the night with my cousin and then we drove to a train station to take a commuter train to Stanford for the Brazil vs. Cameroon game. We found a shop that had a Brazilian flag and bought it for the game. Brazil brings a  party atmosphere to soccer games that’s hard to beat and we had fun experiencing it.


img023We finished off our time at 1994 World Cup with a game at the Rose Bowl where the final game would be played.

img035Participating in this historical event was thrilling for our family.



Dear was finally able to fly down to Southern California and join us at the end of our trip. The whole family had a fun day at Disneyland with our extended family in Southern California, too.


1994 was the first time the U.S.A. hosted World Cup. We were hoping the U.S.A. would be chosen for the 2018 World Cup or the 2022 but alas Russia and Qatar got the nod for those cups. Now we hear that there were some shady dealings in Qatar decision. The U.S.A. plays their first game on Monday against Ghana at 3 pm Pacific time. Our family room will be full of U.S.A. soccer fans!

USA-Panama3Go U.S.A.!

I’ll be adding my World Cup link to ABC Wednesday this week since we are at the letter W.

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21 thoughts on “World Cup 2014 ~ Brazil

  1. Ellen, how exciting it sounds like that was! I’m sure your sons still talk about this memory (Who got to keep the signed poster when they left home?) Great photos. I could feel the excitement. laurie

  2. laurie, Josh bought the poster with his own money and he is the keeper of it. It is now framed and is hanging in his home. Dan has other signed memorabilia that are framed that he can have for his home.

  3. How cool is that! I’m sure that this remains a family highlight, though your family has a lot of highlights. =D I hardly recognize the boys or Kati or Dear, but you never change! Have fun!

  4. What a great experience that must have been!!! I marvel at what soccer fans your family is! I’m sure you are loving this year’s series …. we’ve been watching some of the highlights over here.

  5. We were in Eastern Europe during the same time… our kids, 15, 13 and 11.
    In 1998 we were in Mexico and in 2002 our son was in New Zealand… he figured out how important soccer was in these countries … and kind of funny how the timing turned out.

  6. What a wonderful experience this must have been for your family! My husband and son were able to see one World match soccer game live –it was a game of Germany vs Italy. The tickets were so expensive ( $250) that my daughter and i passed on going,

    So glad team USA won today!

  7. I think the World Cup is almost as exciting as the Olympics! So you were so lucky to have experienced the ambience of it all in ’94! I hear the USA won their first game, so I bet you are really stoked for the next game. Great photos and memories here!

    abcw team

  8. What a fantastic trip for you and your family I bet your ‘grown up’ sons will be delighted with the USA win today….Unlike the English side losing their first game… Blahh… Good luck to the US in the tournament, so long as they’re not playing England ,
    Best wishes,

  9. What an exciting trip for you and your family! It’s fun looking back on these special moments. Best luck to USA this year although it will tough to get past Germany. I hope you enjoy all the World Cup excitement!

  10. #Keepthefaith there may still be a redraw yet for the Qatar games!!! Love seeing all your photos, we are in the Brazilian FIFA World Cup spirit here – great minds think alike for W is for World Cup. Enjoy your games and may the best team win!
    Wren x

  11. First time here, and wow, what wonderful pictures, wonderful memories. We used to get soccer in New York City on the Latino Channel (“el partido de futbol”). My favorite part was when one team finally scored, and the announcer would scream,
    ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!” for about a full minute! Glad to see you on ABC Weds. Peace, Amy

  12. What a great experience to see the games on home turf and wonderful memorabilia. Hope the US survive the heat of Manaus. Portugal look beatable.

  13. I just found this page in my researching of the 1994 World Cup USA. These photos are amazing and I haven’t seen any other personal, not professional, photos of this event like I’ve seen here. That’s incredible! The 30th anniversary is coming AND the US is again hosting the WC in 2026. I’m sure this will all bring back incredible memories. Thanks for sharing!

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