Forty Years Ago…

…my cousin Vera married John. This was the second of four weddings in our two families in 1974. Vera’s brother Jim got married in April of 1974 to my college best friend, Jeanie. In August my sister Kathy would get married and Dear and I would be the fourth wedding of this year in December.


This is a photo of my father in the glasses standing next to my paternal grandmother and grandfather.

img125The bride and groom arriving at my cousin’s home for the after party.

img126My cousin Alex from my mom’s side of the family was in the wedding and here he is with his wife Nadine (they were married in 1970) My cousin Alex died in an automobile accident in 1979 in Wheaton, Illinois.

img124This is my cousin Katrina, Jim and Vera’s youngest sister.

img128John and Vera relaxing in my Aunt and Uncle’s back yard in Bell, California after the wedding. Two of my younger brothers are sitting in the background, Steve and Tim.

img130My sister Kathy with her fiance Len. They would be getting married on August 17th.

img129College friends Jeaneen and Ellen and now cousins by marriage.

img127My parents with one of my cousin’s aunts. Vera who is this with my mom and pop?

Happy 40th Anniversary John and Vera! I hear we’ll be seeing you the last weekend in June!


About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

6 thoughts on “Forty Years Ago…

  1. It is fun to see the fashions and hairstyles of 40 years ago. They’ve changed a lot, but what hasn’t changed is families getting together to celebrate, laugh, and talk.

  2. So fun to see the fashions…I remember wearing “the hat” in a few weddings. Your cousin and his wife were such a good-looking couple. All these folks are attractive people with sweet smiles. Ahhhh… youth! Your mom and dad look so young. How fun to welcome a college friend into the family. Apparently, I am only capable of these stilted sentences lately…stream of consciousness commenting…

  3. That is Aunt Sasha Bardine. She lived in Sheridan and had 5 boys and 1 daughter named Nancy. She had the house where they killed the lamb and let it hang to drain the blood for sashlik. Ellen you were there, it was the fun house. Aunt Dora, Anatole’s mom had Maria that is blind. Thank you for the pics, I can’t believe that is has been 40 years. Time sure does fly!

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