Our Anniversary Dinner

Nell Thorn2We traveled north from our home to LaConner, Washington for our anniversary dinner at Nell Thorn.

Nell Thorn1The food was delicious. We started with Polenta Cakes smothered in a creamy Shitake Gorgonzola sauce. For our main course Dear enjoyed a Rib-Eye steak and I enjoyed a Lamb Shank with a stew of beans and greens with a lamb jus. Because I’m a lover of all things lamb this hits the spot for me.

So this new week brings some fun preparations at this old house for a much anticipated Christmas Party coming up this next Sunday. I will share fully next week. We were challenged today at church to slow down, enjoy the wonder and receive God’s love. I will consider how to do that in the midst of preparations. How are you doing?

Forty Years and Counting…

December – When December’s snows fall fast, marry and your love will last.


Today Dear and I are celebrating the day we got married forty years ago. We were married on a Friday evening in Southern California.

img568I love this photo of my dear maternal grandmother and me. She was a gem.

img567My grandmother, my mom and me.

img566Our sweet and oldest niece was at our wedding.

img578My paternal grandparents came to the wedding, too. This was not a given and we were pleased that they came.

img576This is Dear’s paternal grandmother and she was not able to travel to the wedding but she visited us in our first apartment.

img560Out of order but this is a photo from the rehearsal for the wedding.

img570Here we are heading off to our honeymoon.

As my dear old Pop would say we are so thankful to God for all He “did to us” these forty years! “Thank you God for what you did to us” was my pop’s prayer. He has given us peace and joy through the hard times and good times. He continues to lay His hand upon us and lead us beside still waters. We already had a wonderful anniversary celebration in England in July but that doesn’t stop us from continuing our celebration today. We are headed to a little town north of us to enjoy dinner at a restaurant we enjoy on our actual anniversary day! We trust God for the future of our marriage.

Len and Kathy ~ August 17, 1974

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to my sister Kathy and her hubby Len. This was the third wedding in 1974 in our extended family.


img541My dear little maternal grandmother and my sister Vera helping Kathy with some final touches.


img543Mom and Pop ready for the day.


img545My brother Steve, Dear, and brothers Fred and Tim

img546Leonard and Lana my youngest siblings.

img547My and Dear’s wedding would be at the same church in December of 1974.


img549The after wedding opening gifts party at my parents home.

10177942_10204249145733489_2023028441679966457_nThanking God today for Kathy and Len and their faithfulness to each other and to their family. May God continue to bless you.


Forty Years Ago…

…my cousin Vera married John. This was the second of four weddings in our two families in 1974. Vera’s brother Jim got married in April of 1974 to my college best friend, Jeanie. In August my sister Kathy would get married and Dear and I would be the fourth wedding of this year in December.


This is a photo of my father in the glasses standing next to my paternal grandmother and grandfather.

img125The bride and groom arriving at my cousin’s home for the after party.

img126My cousin Alex from my mom’s side of the family was in the wedding and here he is with his wife Nadine (they were married in 1970) My cousin Alex died in an automobile accident in 1979 in Wheaton, Illinois.

img124This is my cousin Katrina, Jim and Vera’s youngest sister.

img128John and Vera relaxing in my Aunt and Uncle’s back yard in Bell, California after the wedding. Two of my younger brothers are sitting in the background, Steve and Tim.

img130My sister Kathy with her fiance Len. They would be getting married on August 17th.

img129College friends Jeaneen and Ellen and now cousins by marriage.

img127My parents with one of my cousin’s aunts. Vera who is this with my mom and pop?

Happy 40th Anniversary John and Vera! I hear we’ll be seeing you the last weekend in June!


Forty Times Four…

In 1974 my extended family had four weddings. Two of my cousins from the same family got married and my sister Kathy and I got married. The first wedding that year was on April 6th. My cousin Jim married my very good friend that I met in college, Jeaneen.


Happy 40th wedding anniversary Jim and Jeanie.


I was in the wedding so there aren’t a whole lot of photos from me. Jim and Jeanie got married at Hollywood Presbyterian Church.


My cousin Jim. Boy were we young forty years ago!


My brother Fred and me.


Dear and me. We were engaged looking forward to our wedding in December.


img504That’s the extent of the photos I have. We’ve enjoyed a very good friendship with Jim and Jeanie all these forty years. In June of this same year my cousin Vera, Jim’s older sister, would get married. In August my sister Kathy and Len got married and then to top off the year Dear and I got married in December. I’ll post photos on each of the anniversaries. It would have been a good idea to plan a fortieth year celebration together…it might not be too late!

our wedding1-001