November Photo Challenge

Photo*A*Day Challenge ~ Days 24-30

Apple * Shine * Food * Thankful * Makes Me Smile * Home * Scarf

P1050573Apple on our apple tree in late August.

Oxford Day 6 136Shine – taken in a chapel at one of the Oxford colleges in England.

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 016Food – yummy and comforting pub food in England.

our wedding1-001Thankful for 4 marriages that have lasted 40 years in our family, my sisters, ours, and two cousins. Dear and I will celebrate 40 years next Saturday!

early September 011Makes Me Smile ~ Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

before and afters 004Home ~ Where you can put your feet up and relax.

P1040224Scarf ~ My favorite scarves are my soccer scarves. This is me and my son Josh enjoying a U.S.A. National Team game at Century Link field in Seattle. Sunday night we’ll be wearing our Rave Green Sounders Soccer team scarves and hope that we can pull ahead of L.A. Galaxy to advance to the M.L.S. finals.

 Soccer scarf in Milan, Italy

Man U 034Old Trafford in Manchester, England. Manchester United vs. Sounders FC friendly scarf!

Our favorite scarves…The Seattle Sounders Season Ticket holders scarves!

Thank you to Kati for her Photo*A*Day Challenge for November.

We have put away Fall decor and we have brought down all our Christmas boxes from the attic. I started full speed ahead on decorating and then I walked into a chair full speed ahead and I think one of my toes is now broken. Oye and bother! Hopefully I’ll be able to walk about better tomorrow. We have a promise of a dry day and we need to go and buy our mystery tree. Have you started your Christmas decorating?


About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “November Photo Challenge

  1. Not yet but will start today by pulling all the decos out and putting the tree up so it can “stretch” after being in the box all year. 🙂
    Love all your challenge photos….especially those cute scarves.

  2. Toes have a way of getting in the way now don’t they?! I hope that yours is bruised and not broken…some nice soaks in Epsom salts might feel very good. Take it easy, Ellen. You get to direct Christmas from an easy chair this year.

  3. ouch.
    congratulations on the 40th anniversary!
    great selection of soccer strips – don’t suppose you want one from our Toronto FC? No, I didn’t think so. they have been disappointing all around from the first match. sigh.

  4. ELLEN!!!! WHAT?!??!! Broke your toe?!??!?! Oh, geez…I’m so sorry! I know that hurts like the dickens! I’ve broken a toe twice in my life, and neither time was a picnic. All you can do is tape those puppies together, swallow some Advil and wait it out. Ugh! PLEASE slow your roll!!!!!!!!!

    1974 was an expensive year for your family with all those weddings and showers and gifts!!!!!!! 🙂

    I’m glad that you occasionally get the chance to actually put your little feet up and relax, Miss Globetrotter! Home is indeed where the heart it, but you’ve left little pieces of your heart all around the globe!!!

  5. Oh, forty years for four couples? What a wonderful achievement. I love the four wedding photos. With your toe (I’m so sorry!) perhaps your decorating will be slowed a bit but you’ll get there!

  6. Oh no! Hope your toes is feeling better! Your pictures look great, as always. The food looks so yummy. I’d like to eat that right now. I enjoyed looking at the four wedding pictures. Beautiful.

  7. Fun pictures to end the month! What a wonderful testimony your family has for strong lasting marriages! Hope your toe heals quickly!

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