Riding the Ducks!

During our heat wave we decided to Ride the Ducks in Seattle with our Dallas family.

Our driver was entertaining.

The ride takes you by some highlights of Seattle like the Seattle Wheel and the Hammering Man at the Seattle Art Museum.

For me the best part of the tour was rolling onto South Lake Union and motoring in the water.

The floating house from Sleepless in Seattle was pointed out to us.

I was more interested in the building right behind this boat garage. It’s where our daughter Katie was married a few years ago.

The heat and the stop and go movement of the duck bus got the best of dear little Andrew.

After having lunch we walked through the Seattle Center to get back to our parking garage.

It was great to have our Dallas crew here for the wedding and afterwards. So nice to spend time with Hope and Andrew and get to know little Andrew better.

I’m going to just do tours with my company on my own in the future instead of spending money on the Ducks! I can’t take them out on the water but I can get them to the hot spots in town in more comfort.

Maybe…just maybe…

…I’ve missed my calling. I could have been a tour guide.

Seattle D&L 021The Fremont Troll who lives under the Aurora Bridge is a must see when you visit our area. You can read all about it’s origins here.

Seattle D&L 020My new nephew by marriage, Lenny, had never been to Seattle so we had to show him the top picks in our area.

Seattle D&L 013Sorry, couldn’t resist the “top picks” reference!

Seattle D&L 018

Seattle D&L 017The Troll could use a little cleaning up because it’s hard to see the full size red Volkswagon bug that is under his left hand without straining.

Seattle D&L 012

Seattle D&L 011You really get great views of downtown Seattle from Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill. We never miss this photo opportunity with our out of town company. I never resist photo opportunities of our “in town” kids, either.

Seattle D&L 009My niece Debbee is in the bright blue coat nestled in amongst Auntie Lana, Cousin Laura and Auntie Ellen. I missed the shot of her and Lenny here but made sure to get plenty of the two of them at some other favorite tourist spots in our area.

Seattle D&L 006

Seattle D&L 004

Seattle D&L 003

And of course we didn’t miss out on some great local food, either…

Seattle FoodWe started with some delicious sustenance that carried us through all our adventures of the afternoon at the Portage Bay Cafe in the South Lake Union area of Seattle. All seven of us would recommend this restaurant. They had lots of great Gluten Free choices for my niece, too.  Before we met up for brunch Josh, Laura, Debbee and Lenny had visited Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks and the Gum wall. After the troll we headed to the Ballard Locks but that’s another post coming soon…

I have several days off before my next tour guiding gig. I’m looking forward to a week from today when I get to show some VIP’s a different part of our city. Of course you’ll hear all about it and it could be that you’ll hear about it from a few more sources than me since several of my VIP visitors are bloggers, too. Stay tuned! Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Wedding Decor…

We were pleased with the flowers and how the table scapes turned out for the wedding.

One of the amazing things about Katie and Andrew’s wedding day was that we had sunshine and dry skies. We did not have one drop of rain fall on us all day and into the evening. God kissed our day with sunshine and we were surprised and grateful! The forecast was for a gloomy rainy day…

The head table had chargers with the the USMC Eagle Globe and Anchor symbol.

We chose to have the family service which meant everyone could sit and relax as the platters of food were served and passed around the tables.

There was enough food for everyone to try both the salmon and the steak. The venue donates the leftover food to a local shelter.

I mentioned before that Katie painted the cake toppers with the right ribbons and emblems on her Marine!

You might be seeing some repeats on photos the rest of the week as my sister Lana just sent me her photos from the wedding.

We had sunshine and a dry day here in the Seattle area on Monday. I zoomed around town to make some returns and to shop for a couple more weddings coming up for us. We have a wedding to attend in April here in Washington and in May we fly down to Southern California for my nephew’s wedding. I found a dress that will work for both weddings. I returned those beautiful silver blingy shoes to Nordstrom today because they killed my feet at Katie and Andrew’s wedding. OUCH! I love dealing with Nordstroms!

Hope your week is going well. OH and before I leave I posted my Dear’s amazing Tomato Rice Soup on Mennonite Girls Can Cook today.

I decided to link this post to Susan’s Tablescape Thursday.