Maybe…just maybe…

…I’ve missed my calling. I could have been a tour guide.

Seattle D&L 021The Fremont Troll who lives under the Aurora Bridge is a must see when you visit our area. You can read all about it’s origins here.

Seattle D&L 020My new nephew by marriage, Lenny, had never been to Seattle so we had to show him the top picks in our area.

Seattle D&L 013Sorry, couldn’t resist the “top picks” reference!

Seattle D&L 018

Seattle D&L 017The Troll could use a little cleaning up because it’s hard to see the full size red Volkswagon bug that is under his left hand without straining.

Seattle D&L 012

Seattle D&L 011You really get great views of downtown Seattle from Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill. We never miss this photo opportunity with our out of town company. I never resist photo opportunities of our “in town” kids, either.

Seattle D&L 009My niece Debbee is in the bright blue coat nestled in amongst Auntie Lana, Cousin Laura and Auntie Ellen. I missed the shot of her and Lenny here but made sure to get plenty of the two of them at some other favorite tourist spots in our area.

Seattle D&L 006

Seattle D&L 004

Seattle D&L 003

And of course we didn’t miss out on some great local food, either…

Seattle FoodWe started with some delicious sustenance that carried us through all our adventures of the afternoon at the Portage Bay Cafe in the South Lake Union area of Seattle. All seven of us would recommend this restaurant. They had lots of great Gluten Free choices for my niece, too.Β  Before we met up for brunch Josh, Laura, Debbee and Lenny had visited Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks and the Gum wall. After the troll we headed to the Ballard Locks but that’s another post coming soon…

I have several days off before my next tour guiding gig. I’m looking forward to a week from today when I get to show some VIP’s a different part of our city. Of course you’ll hear all about it and it could be that you’ll hear about it from a few more sources than me since several of my VIP visitors are bloggers, too. Stay tuned! Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Maybe…just maybe…

  1. That is so cool!!! I know you are probably one of the most wonderful tour guides around! You truly enjoy seeing the world and even just your own city. That makes for the best tour guides when they truly enjoy everything around them!

    Love the “picking” picture!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your VIP bloggers!!! That should be a barrel of fun! Enjoy!!!

  2. Yes, you would make an amazing tour guide. Every time I read your travel posts, I feel like you have taken me to the places in person! πŸ™‚

    Re: stress in sewing — that’s how I feel when I have to cook — that’s why I enjoy seeing pictures of your culinary creations!!! I wish you were my neighbors sometimes — so that I can invite myself to eat at your house.

  3. You definitely missed your calling as a tour guide Ellen!!! You write the best travelogues for sure – always with so much detail and researched history. What an interesting troll!!! Great pictures!

  4. I don’t think you missed your calling at it seems to me that you are being called upon quite often! πŸ™‚ Who knows…I might just start bringing tour groups south to Seattle…and then let you take over. How does next Wednesday suit you? You are the best tour real time and in blogdom!

  5. Way cool! I didn’t know Seattle had a troll – how marvelous! Love your photos – the food pics are making me hungry. I’m going to hit you up for a tour whenever I get to Seattle πŸ˜‰

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