Reaching Back…

…for The Barn Collective

This was taken back in the middle of December on our trip to La Conner. We arrived to Skagit County early so we took a detour along the farm roads close to Mt. Vernon before we continued on to La Conner.

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Our Sunday has started out cold with beautiful sun breaks and then some popcorn snow. Not enough snow here to cover anything. Some areas of Washington state are getting a lot. Our daughter-in-law sent us this photo of our son and son-in-law in the front yard of our middle son’s home in Northeastern Washington. They had a nice walk in the snow. All of our children are spending a weekend together in this winter wonderland. Praying for safe travels for them tomorrow.

Do you do anything special on our long President’s Weekend here in the USA?

The Barn Collective

Before April slips away I wanted to share a couple of barns from the Skagit Valley, The Tulip Capital of Washington State!

This barn has been converted into a Deli/store.

It’s right off the interstate at the exit I take to go to La Conner and to the tulip festival.

Another barn on my usual route. The yellow you see in the background are rows of daffodils.

Can’t remember if I showed this Mt. Vernon beauty before.

Since I mentioned the fact that this area is our tulip capital I’ll leave you with one more photo of the tulip fields from this area last year…

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I’m happy to report while visiting our son in Eastern Washington a few weekends back we saw many barns that I’ll be able to share in the future.

April is winding down and we are on the 2 month countdown to our son’s wedding. Fun times ahead. How is spring shaping up in your corner of the woods? I heard some of you got another snow fall!!