Coast Family Reunited

What a treat to enjoy time at Josh and Laura’s home on the west side of the Cascades. It had been 6 months since we visited on the “Coast”.

My sister and her husband joined us on Saturday afternoon for a meal and early Father’s Day celebration for Dear.

We had good walks, good talks, watched an online church service together, ate a lot of good food and played cards. Josh and Dear enjoyed shopping at Cabella’s and another favorite store of theirs. The Girls were able to shop at Business Costco and Hobby Lobby.

Laura found the recipe for this cake and she and Katie baked it on Saturday. Cake recipe coming later this week.

Our kids on the East Side sent us a photo from their walk, too.

We made it home safe and sound from the Coast on Monday taking a new route home. I’ll be catching up with blogs soon. Lots of scenes from the road to share. Hope you are all well.


This bush is a white Peony. It’s the largest of our Peonies.

These Peony bushes above are the ones we will need to transplant. The one on the left is a pink Peony. All the others are the deep red ones. The deep red ones bloom first.

By the time we return to our home these white Peonies will be bursting forth in all their glory.

We are sojourning with our Coast Kids for a few days where I can upload as many photos as I want. I’m in uploading heaven.

We have already enjoyed hugs from our daughter and her husband who we hadn’t seen since Christmas. It is good to be together. Our oldest son and DIL are hosting us and we were with them last on Mother’s Day weekend. It was clear sailing all the way to the Steven’s Pass in the Cascade Mountain range where we finally encountered rain.

More from our road trip coming soon.

Hope you are all enjoying a good weekend.