Upper Geyser Basin

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Dear and I took an early morning walk about the Upper Geyser Basin which includes Old Faithful. We are early risers and enjoyed the time with few other humans around.

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The Upper Geyser Basin, approximately two square miles in area, contains the largest concentration and nearly one-quarter of all of the geysers in the world. A variety of thermal features exist here: spouting geysers, colorful hot springs, and steaming fumaroles.

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You can see the Old Faithful Inn in the background where we were staying.

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I’m pretty sure this is Castle Geyser.

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This is another photo where you can see the Old Faithful Inn.

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This could be Blue Star Spring.

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Yellowstone is so amazing in it’s landscape and has so much to offer. We were glad to be in the park and satisfied with what we saw and encountered. We also thought that outer space movies could be filmed here. I still have so much to share from Yellowstone.

Old Faithful Inn…

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The Old Faithful Inn is one of the few remaining log hotels in the United States. It is a masterpiece of rustic architecture in its stylized design and fine craftsmanship. Its influence on American architecture, particularly park architecture, was immeasurable. The building is a rustic log and wood-frame structure with gigantic proportions: nearly 700 feet in length and seven stories high.

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The structure is the largest log hotel in the world; possibly even the largest log building in the world. The lobby was a comfortable setting to people watch and enjoy a drink.

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yellowstone day one 182A stone fireplace, sixteen feet square at its base, dominates the southeast corner of the lobby. The upper portion of the fireplace on the north side holds a massive wrought-iron and brass clock, designed by Reamer. The chimney, exposed on the interior, is of stone masonry.

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The advantages for staying at the Old Faithful Inn were the proximity to Old Faithful, friendly staff, nice restaurant, snack bars, bar, and the historic log beauty of the older sections of the Inn.

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Hallways at the east and west of the lobby lead to guest rooms in the wings of the Old House. Guest rooms in both of these wings retain considerable original character. Those on the first floor have rustic log walls. Interior finishes for guest rooms on the upper stories are rough-sawn paneling on walls and ceiling. Some of these rooms retain original plumbing fixtures: clawfoot bathtubs, wood water closets, and marble sink tops.

What didn’t sit well with Dear and me was paying over $250 dollars for one night in our little dorm like room which was not one of the old rooms in the rustic part of the hotel. Our room was part of a “newer” add on wing to the hotel.

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We were happy we could open the window about 6 inches and that the window had a screen on it so we could cool down the room since there is no air conditioning in the Inn.  There was a tiny bathroom with a small stall shower. The vanity was across from the bed. They do offer a plug in portable fan in their rooms. Our second lodge room at the Canyon location in the park was nicer. I suppose you pay for the benefit of not having to leave the park and re-enter since there is so much to see. I’m sharing this so you know what you are getting for your dollar here, location, location, location. If we ever stay here again I will make sure we get one of the rustic old rooms. Knowing is half the battle…

We were also happy to walk out the door early in the morning and enjoy a nice long walk around the geyser basin adjacent to the hotel.

Five on Friday

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We’ve been working on making more distinct borders on a couple of our planters. This planter is on the backside of our deck and between our home and garage/shop.

yard-flowers 030

This planter is in the front of our home and is ready for the weed cloth and bark that you see in the planter above. It was so much easier to mow with this nice border today.


We are just home from our last minute getaway to Yellowstone National Park. We stayed one night in the Old Faithful Inn. The structure is the largest log hotel in the world; possibly even the largest log building in the world. The lobby was a comfortable setting to people watch and enjoy a drink.

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Now at home we are getting ready for our annual fourth of July celebration with a few of my red white and blue decorations going up.


Our Canadian neighbors are enjoying Canada Day and on Monday we will celebrate with family, friends, food and fireworks for the fourth! Five words starting with the letter F!

I am thankful to God for the results of our hard work, for  our last minute getaway, for the safety we had on the road, for the beauty of God’s creation that we were afforded on our trip, for our country where can worship our God in safety (so far).

Happy Canada Day to our dear neighbors to the North!

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