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yard-flowers 028

We’ve been working on making more distinct borders on a couple of our planters. This planter is on the backside of our deck and between our home and garage/shop.

yard-flowers 030

This planter is in the front of our home and is ready for the weed cloth and bark that you see in the planter above. It was so much easier to mow with this nice border today.


We are just home from our last minute getaway to Yellowstone National Park. We stayed one night in the Old Faithful Inn. The structure is the largest log hotel in the world; possibly even the largest log building in the world. The lobby was a comfortable setting to people watch and enjoy a drink.

yellowstone day one 179


Now at home we are getting ready for our annual fourth of July celebration with a few of my red white and blue decorations going up.


Our Canadian neighbors are enjoying Canada Day and on Monday we will celebrate with family, friends, food and fireworks for the fourth! Five words starting with the letter F!

I am thankful to God for the results of our hard work, for  our last minute getaway, for the safety we had on the road, for the beauty of God’s creation that we were afforded on our trip, for our country where can worship our God in safety (so far).

Happy Canada Day to our dear neighbors to the North!

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The Calm Before…

…the Fireworks! Was it just me or did you feel like the fireworks were more plentiful and louder this year ? Here’s what our calm and quiet fourth looked like at this old house…


It’s good to keep the celebrations going all year long.



Fourth of July Decorations4

Fourth of July Decorations5Got Flags?

Fourth of July Decorations3After a few days of hot hot weather here in the Seattle area the fourth was overcast and cool. We were hoping that the sun would break through the clouds before our 4:00 P.M. party time and it did.

Fourth of July Decorations2

Fourth of July Decorations1It makes decorating so much more fun if you enjoy it with friends and family.

Fourth FestivitiesFourth of July 2013 we had the traditional eight to celebrate.

Fourth Festivities1The signature drink for 2013 was shaken up by Dear and enjoyed. Steve and Lana brought a new red for the wine drinkers to enjoy.

Fourth Festivities2Dear smoked pork for pulled pork sandwiches and our guests all brought sides to share.

Fourth Festivities3My contribution was a trifle with strawberries and blueberries. We really do love our red, white, and blue!

Fourth Nikon 001IMGP0610

How did you celebrate the “Fourth” this year or do you have some summer celebrations you are looking forward to?

And for the record…I was in bed when the fireworks were in full force loudness.