Tuesdays With Moisi ~ 305 Los Angeles Avenue

The church youth group plus other cousins at Vera’s birthday party or was it some other occasion, Vera? Maybe graduation? This is the small dining room in this home.

Junior/Senior Prom in the bedroom before my date picked me up. This is the bedroom I shared with 3 of my sisters.

I’ll be adding more photos to this post when I can access them.

In this photo my parents have added a new dining room table and china cabinet to our home and all new drapes.

Historical notes during the time we lived at 305 Los Angeles Ave, Montebello, California from approximately 1960 until 1971.

In November of 1960 my older sisters and I walked the block and a half to Whittier Boulevard in Montebello to watch John F. Kennedy come by in a convertible and we were able to shake his hand. He was campaigning in the Los Angeles area.

In the fifth grade I was running out to the playground and the girl in front of me stopped to tie her shoe and I flipped over her and landed on my wrist ending up with a chipped bone. I went to the nurses office and she called my mom and had to call a taxi for her and me to get to the doctor’s office since our mom never drove. I had a cast for a while.

All of us kids walked to school from this house. Some of us to Fremont Elementary which meant we had to cross Whittier boulevard and there were no crossing guards.  Older sisters walked to Montebello Junior High and Montebello High School. Eventually I walked to the junior high and high school.

1963 Vera graduated from Junior High School and I remember being at Montebello Park for the ceremony with our mom pregnant with the twins.

The photo above is of Montebello Junior High which has since been demolished because of earthquake safety issues and rebuilt into a modern ugly junior high.

In July of 1963 the twins were born. They were a shock to our whole family who were kept in the dark by our mom about the fact that she was having twins.

August of 1963 was the when I became a disciple of Jesus Christ and later in September our Pop became a disciple of Jesus Christ at the Billy Graham Crusades at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

1964, 1966, 1967 and 1968 Kathy, Vera, Fred and I graduated from Montebello high school.

1967 I was baptized.

1969 Pop (Moisi) was baptized.

1969 our sister Vera was married to Nick Titov. The wedding was a few blocks north of our home at Montebello Baptist Church.

The first 4 of us started college while we lived on Los Angeles Avenue.

In 1969 our family left the Molokan church.

In 1971 we moved to 11053 Arroyo Drive in La Mirada, California.

Friends For Over Fifty Years…

It was so good to see these friends who were high school, junior high and elementary school friends! That’s more then 50 years even though we were celebrating our 50th High School reunion. Karen, the taller gal in the photo above was a friend in 5th grade. She moved to our school from Scotland and she was, as I told her, “the highlight of my 5th grade experience”.

My friend Nanc, front right, was my bestie in junior high and into high school. I so enjoyed our time together this weekend. All these girls were dear to me with many good times together.

Lots of great memoires with all of these gals at school, the beach, pool parties and slumber parties!

It was a good quick weekend and I’ll be sharing more for the history books as soon as I upload all my photos. Dear was a champ helping me with photos and interacting with the spouses of my friends.

We are back to our new home with our to-do lists in action again. Got to “get er done” before the first snow!

Looking Back ~ Buster Brown

Seajack 6 pentax-001 The Bellefontaine Cemetery had a great system for finding all the notable famous and fascinating people buried on their grounds. There was a clear white line in the middle of the road that you could follow and then each of the 58 notables were marked with red markers. Black markers showed Civil War notable people.

Bellefontaine 076-001

Bellefontaine 123

When I heard that George Warren Brown (1853-1921) the maker of Buster Brown shoes was buried here I wanted to see his grave site. When we were young my siblings and I would be taken to a shoe store in Montebello on Whittier Blvd. that carried Buster Brown shoes. Even though we always struggled to make ends meet my pop was determined we’d have good shoes to wear. We would get our new Buster Brown school shoes every year and a pair of shoes for church.

Bellefontaine 122George’s brother Alanson (1847-1913) is buried across the road.

Bellefontaine 124The Journey Through History book we bought at the front office at the cemetery gives the history of all the notables buried on the grounds. It was worth the $5 to purchase it. Here’s what is written about the Brown brothers…

“Traveling to St. Louis for a church convention, Alanson Brown found the city centrally located and populated with ambitious citizens. Seeing opportunity, Alanson decided to invest in a new wholesale shoe business in St. Louis.

His brother George Brown worked as his star salesman but found the shoes he had to sell did not meet the needs of his customers. When George could not convince Alanson to manufacture shoes in St. Louis, George set up his own company making shoes, including the still popular Buster Brown children’s line. Recognizing George’s success, Alanson’s company also began manufacturing shoes in St. Louis – then a city known for shoes, booze, and news and last in the American League.

Both brothers supported St. Louis institutions and focused on improving the lives of others. George’s widow set up the George Warren Brown School of Social Services at Washington University.

With parallel lives, the two brothers rest across the lane from each other at Bellefontaine – Alanson in a 1910 domed mausoleum by World’s Fair architect Isaac Taylor and George in a 1928 hexagonal tomb by the St. Louis firm of Mauran, Russell, Crowell.

I put out the call to my friends from Montebello on Facebook to help me remember the name of the shoe store on Whittier Blvd. in Montebello. They pulled through big time with more information than I ever knew about the couple who ran this store. Here’s how the conversation went…

To my Montebello friends…does anyone remember the name of the shoe store on Whittier Blvd. (on a corner) that sold Buster Brown shoes??? My brain will not bring it up.

Lana: Was it Kinney shoes?

Nancy: I can see it but I can’t remember the name!

Nancy: Lana would remember since she”s MUCH younger than us!!

Randy: It wasn’t Kinneys,that was up on 20th st and Beverly Blvd. Sorry

Judy: Was it Sandlers? It just popped into my head so it may be totally wrong.

Lynda: That sounds right Judy.

Ellen: Yes..Judy thank you!

Anne: It was Sandlers! Judy is right!

Tania: thanks for shaking up my brain Ellen. Maybe when it resets I can remember some of this stuff.

Gloriya: Sandlers sounds correct.

Steve: Sandler’s Shoes was on Whittier & I believe 5th Street, right across the street from the Deluxe Cafe. They had one of those old X-Ray machines where you put you feet into a slot and and Mr Sandler could see if my toes were touching the end of the new shoes in the mid 1950’s. Needless to say, the poor old man died of cancer in the early 60’s, which we now know was radiation poisoning from that machine X-ray device.

Ellen: Steve, thanks for the info. That is so sad about Mr. Sandler. Did his wife work along side him. My dad remembers a man and woman team in the store. They always commented to my dad that he only bought shoes for his kids never for himself…

Linda: I also remember my mom taking me to Sandler’s store to get Buster Brown shoes. She had my feet x-rayed there and trusted that the shoes fit better than anywhere else. She instilled on me that need. I have never had bunions or crooked toes thanks to her.

Steve: Ellen, yes there was a blond lady that worked there, that was probably his wife. Linda, I always wondered why my toes would glow in the dark when I was younger – LOL

Facebook bugs me in a lot of ways but when I can interact with old friends and get good memories like these it redeems itself for me.

Do you use Facebook and have you found some good ole friends there? Did you wear Buster Brown shoes when you were growing up?