Tuesdays With Moisi ~ 305 Los Angeles Avenue

The church youth group plus other cousins at Vera’s birthday party or was it some other occasion, Vera? Maybe graduation? This is the small dining room in this home.

Junior/Senior Prom in the bedroom before my date picked me up. This is the bedroom I shared with 3 of my sisters.

I’ll be adding more photos to this post when I can access them.

In this photo my parents have added a new dining room table and china cabinet to our home and all new drapes.

Historical notes during the time we lived at 305 Los Angeles Ave, Montebello, California from approximately 1960 until 1971.

In November of 1960 my older sisters and I walked the block and a half to Whittier Boulevard in Montebello to watch John F. Kennedy come by in a convertible and we were able to shake his hand. He was campaigning in the Los Angeles area.

In the fifth grade I was running out to the playground and the girl in front of me stopped to tie her shoe and I flipped over her and landed on my wrist ending up with a chipped bone. I went to the nurses office and she called my mom and had to call a taxi for her and me to get to the doctor’s office since our mom never drove. I had a cast for a while.

All of us kids walked to school from this house. Some of us to Fremont Elementary which meant we had to cross Whittier boulevard and there were no crossing guards.  Older sisters walked to Montebello Junior High and Montebello High School. Eventually I walked to the junior high and high school.

1963 Vera graduated from Junior High School and I remember being at Montebello Park for the ceremony with our mom pregnant with the twins.

The photo above is of Montebello Junior High which has since been demolished because of earthquake safety issues and rebuilt into a modern ugly junior high.

In July of 1963 the twins were born. They were a shock to our whole family who were kept in the dark by our mom about the fact that she was having twins.

August of 1963 was the when I became a disciple of Jesus Christ and later in September our Pop became a disciple of Jesus Christ at the Billy Graham Crusades at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

1964, 1966, 1967 and 1968 Kathy, Vera, Fred and I graduated from Montebello high school.

1967 I was baptized.

1969 Pop (Moisi) was baptized.

1969 our sister Vera was married to Nick Titov. The wedding was a few blocks north of our home at Montebello Baptist Church.

The first 4 of us started college while we lived on Los Angeles Avenue.

In 1969 our family left the Molokan church.

In 1971 we moved to 11053 Arroyo Drive in La Mirada, California.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Tuesdays With Moisi ~ 305 Los Angeles Avenue

  1. I enjoyed so much looking at these photos, Ellen. Your mother’s striking beauty always makes me smile. Your parents were such a handsome couple. My favorite though is the one of your dad in the kitchen! 🙂

  2. Your family is so blessed with photos. My family must have been broke when it came time to purchase film. That first photo of you is so darling. Love the hairdo. How awful that you flipped over a gal who stopped to tie her shoe. Guess that we need to teach people how to pull over safely. Ha! How funny that your mother kept the fact that she was having twins from the family…even your dad?

    • Yes, Vee, even our dad was left in the dark. He was sooo shocked when he pulled in the driveway and our brother Tim ran out to the station wagon and said “pop, pop, not one baby two babies”!

  3. “…John F. Kennedy come by in a convertible and we were able to shake his hand. He was campaigning in the Los Angeles area.”

    That is such a wonderful memory! How cool!

    Why did your mom keep the twins a secret?

    • Sandi, She was upset that she got pregnant because finances were really stretched and then when she found out she was having twins she was beside herself. Maybe she didn’t believe the doctors. 🙂

  4. Ellen – so much history in these photographs – I love that some of the girls have curlers in their hair while eating a meal … those were the good old days! It is amazing to me that your Mom could keep it a secret that she was having twins …

  5. What a fun post! Loved the hair rollers.. and you were a cheerleader. Interesting time line of events on that Avenue.

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