Friends For Over Fifty Years…

It was so good to see these friends who were high school, junior high and elementary school friends! That’s more then 50 years even though we were celebrating our 50th High School reunion. Karen, the taller gal in the photo above was a friend in 5th grade. She moved to our school from Scotland and she was, as I told her, “the highlight of my 5th grade experience”.

My friend Nanc, front right, was my bestie in junior high and into high school. I so enjoyed our time together this weekend. All these girls were dear to me with many good times together.

Lots of great memoires with all of these gals at school, the beach, pool parties and slumber parties!

It was a good quick weekend and I’ll be sharing more for the history books as soon as I upload all my photos. Dear was a champ helping me with photos and interacting with the spouses of my friends.

We are back to our new home with our to-do lists in action again. Got to “get er done” before the first snow!

50 Years Ago…

I’ll be posting some photos of these same friends 50 years later in the near future. We enjoyed a casual reception last evening in Montebello and the festivities are continuing today for the 50 year reunion of the Montebello High School Class of 1968. There were 1136 graduates in our graduating class in 1968 so there are many faces I don’t recognize. It was great to see a good amount of faces that were familiar and remembered last evening. Tonight will be the main event with over 300 attendees.