F is for…

Fuchsias! But…what’s really on my mind are fires.

Fuchsias with flags!

When I was little we would so enjoy popping the fuchsia pods before they burst on their own. They seemed to grow profusely in Southern California. I’m happy that the plant I bought for this pot has done well here in Washington state, too.

Fires continue to burn here in Washington State and the fires burning in Stevens County are personal to me and Dear since our son and daughter in law live in this area that has been declared “A State of Emergency”. We met so many people who live in this part of our state at our son’s wedding in late June and now we are hearing of the devastation that some of them have endured and will have to endure as they re-build what was lost. Some of the re-building will take years. Our son visited his friend’s property and said it looked like a moon scape. Thirty acres that used to be filled with beautiful trees and vegetation now burned down to stubble and ash. Our prayers continue for our state and our fire fighters and our volunteer fire fighters and the homeowners who have to do the brunt of work to save their properties because our state is running out of resources to send…

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Barn Collective

I might have shared this one before and I wonder if it’s still standing since fires are burning out of control in this part of Northeastern Washington.

The rest of my selection are paintings that my Mother-in-Law painted. She grew up in Kansas and taught in a one room schoolhouse in Kansas. I think she saw lots of barns in her lifetime!

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We have been getting texts, watching the news and searching for news on the fires that are burning in Northeast Washington too close to our son and daughter in law and their friends for comfort. Because of all the fires raging in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana resources are at their limits. When this northern part of Steven’s county where our son lives called to get help they were told there was no help left to send them. Homeowners have been doing what they can to try to save their homes. We thought our son’s friend’s family had lost their home to the fire that swept through his property but we were happy to learn that the house did not burn down but all their out-buildings a truck and tractor were lost. We will get more details when it’s safer to return and assess all that was lost. This area is in a State of Emergency and are awaiting a declaration as a Disaster Area. It’s my understanding if they get a Disaster Declaration they might be able to get some national help with the fires. This is the worst situation that people who have lived in this area for years and years have experienced.

This is a photo I found on line of the Marble Valley Fire in Addy, Washington. Our son’s friend’s home is on that hillside and our son and daughter in law’s home is about 5 miles away.
I love the prayer a dear friend has prayed for this situation…
“will be praying for Dan and Jamie’s situation — that God will hold his hand over them … keep them safe from the fire and may the fire be blown out by an angelic host .. since everyone else is busy ! “
And I’m also praying for all the firefighters that are probably exhausted and the poor homeowners who have lost everything in this fire. For our son’s friend (who was one of his groomsmen) and his family as they walk about their property and make plans to replace what was lost. Even though their home did not burn down there is probably some smoke issues that need addressing. Praying that the winds stay calm and more help will arrive and that the fires get under control. If you pray could you add your prayers to mine for this area? Thank you!