F is for…

Fuchsias! But…what’s really on my mind are fires.

Fuchsias with flags!

When I was little we would so enjoy popping the fuchsia pods before they burst on their own. They seemed to grow profusely in Southern California. I’m happy that the plant I bought for this pot has done well here in Washington state, too.

Fires continue to burn here in Washington State and the fires burning in Stevens County are personal to me and Dear since our son and daughter in law live in this area that has been declared “A State of Emergency”. We met so many people who live in this part of our state at our son’s wedding in late June and now we are hearing of the devastation that some of them have endured and will have to endure as they re-build what was lost. Some of the re-building will take years. Our son visited his friend’s property and said it looked like a moon scape. Thirty acres that used to be filled with beautiful trees and vegetation now burned down to stubble and ash. Our prayers continue for our state and our fire fighters and our volunteer fire fighters and the homeowners who have to do the brunt of work to save their properties because our state is running out of resources to send…

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24 thoughts on “F is for…

  1. Fuchsias are dramatically beautiful!!

    I will pray with you for those who are in the range of the fires, as well as for those who are working to prevent and stop the damage.

  2. I’m so very sad to read about the fires, it is heart breaking. I was wondering about the resources for Washington & Oregon in light of the fires. My home State of Alaska has had more than their share this summer, too. Prayers for all.

  3. My prayers and thoughts for your dear son and his wife and their friends, terrible for people to lose their homes and land in fires.

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  4. Nice fuchsia, I like them too (in winter bring the pots to the basement)
    What a great catastrophe, prayers that the fires will soon all be deleted.
    Greetings from Germany

  5. Lovely flowers, – I do empathize with your agonies. The wildfires are devestating here in British Columbia too, just north of you. So many people who have lost their homes and their livelihood, and the rain continues to avoid us…..

  6. oh dear, how awful to lose everything in a fire. I feel sad about the fact that your son and his friends live in such an area that resembles a moon landscape. My thoughts are with you!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  7. Those flowers are beautiful. I never had seen fuchsias before. Sad about the devastation. It takes years for the greenery to return.

  8. Love the fuschias….I usually have them for my hanging plants but this year the local nurseries didn’t have much selection. Terrible about the wildfires. Prayers for all those affected.

  9. Beautiful fuchsia basket. Fire is a terrifying thing and such a tragedy for those in its path but the scale of this year’s fires and the fact there seems to be no end must be so worrying.

  10. Beautiful fuchsias! We’re suffering through drought here in the Vancouver, BC, area and also worrying about all our fires!

    abcw team

  11. Fire is what came to my mind too! Just watched the news about the big fire still going strong.
    I can’t imagine the feeling of being evacuated, but worse still, the news of the death of a loved one because of fighting the fire. Praying.

  12. I certainly understand your deep concern about the washington fires, and the safety of yhour children and their property…. adding my prayers to yours!!! I love fushcias .. such a luscious color!

  13. Firstly my apologies for a late comment, i have been far to busy repairing my blog after a moval from one host to another… and taking care of other things that needed to be taken care of since my husband and i have health issues at the same time.

    A lovely entry you’ve placed for the letter f. I love it very much to see flowers bloom, especially when they are te cause of lovely memories.

    have a nice weekend

    Melody (abc-w-team)

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