Barn Collective

I might have shared this one before and I wonder if it’s still standing since fires are burning out of control in this part of Northeastern Washington.

The rest of my selection are paintings that my Mother-in-Law painted. She grew up in Kansas and taught in a one room schoolhouse in Kansas. I think she saw lots of barns in her lifetime!

Linking up with Tom at Backroads Traveller for the Barn Collective.

We have been getting texts, watching the news and searching for news on the fires that are burning in Northeast Washington too close to our son and daughter in law and their friends for comfort. Because of all the fires raging in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana resources are at their limits. When this northern part of Steven’s county where our son lives called to get help they were told there was no help left to send them. Homeowners have been doing what they can to try to save their homes. We thought our son’s friend’s family had lost their home to the fire that swept through his property but we were happy to learn that the house did not burn down but all their out-buildings a truck and tractor were lost. We will get more details when it’s safer to return and assess all that was lost. This area is in a State of Emergency and are awaiting a declaration as a Disaster Area. It’s my understanding if they get a Disaster Declaration they might be able to get some national help with the fires. This is the worst situation that people who have lived in this area for years and years have experienced.

This is a photo I found on line of the Marble Valley Fire in Addy, Washington. Our son’s friend’s home is on that hillside and our son and daughter in law’s home is about 5 miles away.
I love the prayer a dear friend has prayed for this situation…
“will be praying for Dan and Jamie’s situation — that God will hold his hand over them … keep them safe from the fire and may the fire be blown out by an angelic host .. since everyone else is busy ! “
And I’m also praying for all the firefighters that are probably exhausted and the poor homeowners who have lost everything in this fire. For our son’s friend (who was one of his groomsmen) and his family as they walk about their property and make plans to replace what was lost. Even though their home did not burn down there is probably some smoke issues that need addressing. Praying that the winds stay calm and more help will arrive and that the fires get under control. If you pray could you add your prayers to mine for this area? Thank you!
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8 thoughts on “Barn Collective

  1. Let’s hope the barn and everyone’s property is spared from the fires. I’ve always dreamed of being able to paint. Perhaps I should stick with my camera. Thanks for linking up this week Ellen and I hope that you will return again.

  2. Praying, too! I could smell the smoke one day. My sister is in that area camping, but I think she’s heading home today. The roads are a mess, too. So many people traveling away from the flames.

  3. Oh my – these fires are so awful! We saw the news report last evening and gasped at the extent of the burning. I do hope more help is on the way. Your mom-in-law’s paintings are wonderful. There just seems to be something so enchanting about old barns.
    Praying for Dan and Jamie and for their neighbours and friends!!!

  4. Oh Ellen, these fires are terrible!! I’m so sorry for all the people who’ve suffered losses and I will pray for Dan and Jamie’s home to be spared and for them to be safe! I do hope they get some help on a national level soon; this has been such a terribly hot and dry summer all over the country, it seems.

    I love your barn photo and your MIL’s paintings — she did a great job. 🙂 I look forward to our day trips to the mountains here when the weather starts to cool off some; we’ll see some pretty barns I’m sure. Thank you for your visits, Ellen, and have a wonderful week!

    Big hugs,


  5. Your MIL’s paintings of barns make me smile–they seem so peaceful and I LOVE barns, especially older ones! May God have mercy on the PNW and send us rain soon.
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: Don’t recall if I have already commented on your bridal party photo yet, but it’s beautiful! Really love it.

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