Firsts on the Weekend

Driving back from Chewelah on Sunday we noticed a moose on the side of the highway. We turned around and hurried back to get another look.

We spooked it and it started running away.

Thankfully it stopped to take a look at us!

Our son thinks this was a young one!

On Saturday we spotted this critter on our back slope. We think it is a fox but it could be a coyote.

It’s coloring makes us think more fox than coyote.

This was the first moose we have seen since moving to Colville in 2018. Whether the other animal is a fox or a coyote it is a first sighting on our property of either!

Our yards are still covered with snow here and we have temperatures below freezing so not much melting happening.

Here we are on the last day of January. Is it just me or did January fly by?

Progress and Coyotes…

It’s Thursday morning and the sun is shining right now but we have a small system moving through later. I wanted to show you some photos of our attic now that I have everything back up there.

Lots of stuff but we still have half the floor space up there vacant…she pats herself on the back.

On to our outdoor progress…

These are before and after looks at the side yard.

Yesterday the gravel and the concrete blocks arrived. After the gravel was delivered I headed out for a walk.

I took a new route today heading straight down a very busy street so I could photograph some unusual yard art that I’ll show next Thursday. After photographing I headed back up the hill and spotted something I wasn’t thrilled about…

This coyote was across the street looking at me. Yikes! Thankfully the traffic was very busy and he couldn’t make it across the street until I was well past him.

Looking back he’s still waiting for a good opportunity to cross…

I’ve got to say that this is my preferred sighting on any given day! A pretty Robin doesn’t make me nervous.

Back at the homestead the big boulders have been moved and set in their new home. We’ll clean up around them later.

The block arrived and the wall is going in at a good pace. We should see a lot of progress today.

Hope your Thursday goes well for you!