InSpired Sunday

Backroads of Washington…

Colville, Washington.

Republic, Washington.

Republic, Washington

Holy Rosary in Tonasket, Washington. The whole city of Tonasket was on level 3 evacuation notice last week. The level was later lowered.

These churches are in areas of Washington that have been on fire watch and evacuation notice. We continue to pray for containment of the many fires still burning in Washington State. We have a mountain range between us and the major fire areas and the last couple days the smoke has traveled over the Cascade Mountain range and is hanging in the air in Western Washington. The setting sun was orange yesterday. Rain without lightning would be a very welcome event.

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Today for our Sunday Worship the church doors were closed and we had over 2000 volunteers go out to our area schools to spruce up the grounds and help teachers in their classrooms get ready for the new year. Community Serve Day is a great event that we have the privilege to participate in as a church every year. Here’s a collage of Dear getting areas ready for fresh paint before the event today. Today he painted the brick wall that he pressure washed on Friday. I helped in one of the classrooms doing whatever the teacher asked of me.

InSPIREd Sunday

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 025On our first full day in England we visited Chipping Campden and walked past St. Katherine’s Catholic church on High street. We left Chipping Campden and went on to Snowshill and walked in the church yard of St. Barnabas.

Sat. July 5-Chipping Campden 036

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Our church was inspired today to go out into our Community to help spiff up our local schools and get them ready for the school year. So this is a little view of what our Sunday looked like outside of our buildings with spires.


Always and All for Jesus ~ Hymn


Always and All for Jesus

Let us go forth to our labor of love,
Always and all for Jesus;
Zealous to glean for the garners above,
Always and all for Jesus;
Strength for the work we receive from the King,
Always and all for Jesus;
Nobody fails who is trusting in Him,
Always and all for Jesus.


Always and all for Jesus,
Sing with a glad refrain,
Always and all for Jesus,
Till our Lord comes again;
Always and all for Jesus,
Gladly we yield Thine own.
The harvest shall end,
And our Lord shall descend,
To gather His reapers home.

Great is the work, and the workers are few,
Always and all for Jesus;
Do with your might what your hands find to do,
Always and all for Jesus;
Stand not in idleness all the day long,
Always and all for Jesus;
Strive for a part in the harvesters’ song,
Always and all for Jesus.


Work till the summons of Ye blessèd, come,
Always and all for Jesus;
Calls us to join in the glad harvest home,
Always and all for Jesus;
Then with the sheaves we have gathered in love,
Always and all for Jesus;
Safe we’ll be housed in the garners above,
Always and all for Jesus.


Words: Joseph H. Keagle, 1896.

Today our church has left the building and we are gathering at the local schools in our communities to serve in getting the school yards and classrooms ready for the new school year.

Community Serve Day ~ Sunday’s Hymn

Abide Not in the Realm of Dreams

Abide not in the realm of dreams,
O man, however fair it seems;
But with clear eye the present scan,
And hear the call of God and man.

Think not in sleep to fold thy hands,
Forgetful of thy Lord’s commands;
From duty’s claims no life is free,
Behold, today hath need of thee.

The present hour allots thy task,
For present strength and patience ask;
And trust His love whose sure supply
Meets all thy need abundantly.

Words: William H. Burleigh, 1871.

On Saturday morning several churches on the East side of Lake Washington joined together to serve our areas schools in getting them ready for the new school year. Our church, Northshore Baptist, participated. We pressure washed, raked, pulled weeds, painted, scrubbed school desks, made posters, put together booklets, organized cupboards and more. When our work day was done we were served sandwiches from Subway.

Workers lined up for lunch.

Here are some more random photos from the day at Moorlands Elementary School in Kenmore, Washington.

Pressure washing walkways and benches was a big order of the day and Dear helped with that task.

We all brought tools to share.

This is the classroom I helped in. Don’t those desks look nice and clean?

The work day completed we packed up our pressure washer and headed out spotting one guy still working away…our head pastor, Jonathon Alexander.

As long as it is day, we must do the work of Him who sent Me. Night is coming, when no one can work. John 9:4