Encouraging Words…

For Vee’s January Notecard Party I decided to go with a theme and find illustrated verses that I’ve posted in the past.

It’s been a while since I’ve put together photos with verses from the Bible. I hope to do some new ones soon.

Thank you Vee, for hosting this meme!

I’m adding this photo of our 2 sons to say Happy Birthday to them. Today is Dan’s birthday and Saturday is Joshua’s birthday. They are sons that make us proud to be their parents. May God continue to bless their lives on this earth!

Your dad and I love the two of you and we are so grateful for your love and care for each other, too!

Back From Sun Country…

where it snowed on us and I didn’t use my sunglasses once until this morning at the Albuquerque Sunport!


It was good to be with my sons and see them enjoy each other! Hey, Willow, if you look closely you’ll see I’m wearing the scarf you knitted for me. Josh and I stood out like foreigners in New Mexico with our scarves on!


Josh and Dan at the Carlsbad Caverns


On our way up to the caverns Dan spotted a herd of these great looking Big Horn Critters. I’m going to be looking them up to see what they are.

I have so much to post but will need some time recuperating from my travels…Hope to see you all soon.

Photobucket is holding all my photos that I stored on their site from 2007-2015 hostage replacing them with ugly grey and black boxes and asking for a large ransom to retrieve them. It is a slow process to go through all my posts deleting the ugly boxes.