Notecard Party

It’s time for Vee’s Notecard Party. Click on over to see the rules. All of these illustrated Bible Verses are from 2009.

The Bible has words of life and truth that are always so comforting in times of sorrow like many are experiencing in our country this week.

Hope you all are experiencing God’s peace in the midst of any suffering in your life.

I took a quick trip to the Tulip fields on Tuesday morning since there was promise of some good weather and some sunshine. I met people from all over the U.S.A. and from Canada trekking about the beautiful tulip fields.  I’ll share soon…

Encouraging Words…

For Vee’s January Notecard Party I decided to go with a theme and find illustrated verses that I’ve posted in the past.

It’s been a while since I’ve put together photos with verses from the Bible. I hope to do some new ones soon.

Thank you Vee, for hosting this meme!

I’m adding this photo of our 2 sons to say Happy Birthday to them. Today is Dan’s birthday and Saturday is Joshua’s birthday. They are sons that make us proud to be their parents. May God continue to bless their lives on this earth!

Your dad and I love the two of you and we are so grateful for your love and care for each other, too!