Bloedel Reserve

When Dear and I were on our little weekend getaway a few weeks ago we visited Bloedel Reserve.

It really is a special public garden and forest preserve. The grounds make for a lovely walk. This post will have lots of photos.

We pulled up a little early and waited for opening time.

We were fortunate to get good weather for our visit despite a lousy forecast for this day. This probably afforded us a very private walk throughout the grounds!

Bloedel 069

Into the moss garden…

After dealing with tree roots on our walkway project we were intrigued with this uprooted tree.

We were so impressed with the grounds at Bloedel that we became members so if anyone wants to head to the gardens I am able to take one guest for free along with me.

We are starting a special four days of activity and fun so I’ll be away from the computer for large periods of time. I won’t be participating in some of my favorite memes but hope to visit your blogs at the end of the day during my down time.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

God Loves Me…

It’s good for me to look at all the ways God loves me and blesses me week in and week out. This past week my cup overflowed. Here are five things that filled my cup this week…

Living in the Seattle area with all it has to offer including a wonderful ferry system to take us away to new places to explore.

Comfortable spaces to stay that I don’t take for granted.

Good food and drink plopped in front of me is always a treat!

God’s creation in a beautiful setting to explore and marvel at. I will share a post from the Bloedel Reserve soon.

My cup was full from a wonderful weekend getaway with Dear and then on Monday I met up with 6 of the Mennonite Girls Can Cook at the Tulip fields with a nice lunch afterwards. Now my cup was overflowing. I will share more photos from the tulip fields later.

I said I had my Friday’s Fave Five that I’m linking up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story with but I’d like to add one more blessing from afar.

My father, Moisi or Moses has re-discovered his love for jig-saw puzzles and it’s nice for him to be able to enjoy this activity. For those of you that have been following my updates on my pop, he is now living with my oldest sister and her husband. They are taking very good care of him and his loneliness has lessened. He is eating a whole lot better, too, thanks to my wonderful sister.

As you look back over this past week what do you count as blessings?

Behold the Lovely Springtime ~ Hymn

Bloedel 069

Behold the Lovely Springtime

Behold the lovely springtime!
We hail its rosy hours,
We welcome back the sunshine
And cool, refreshing showers;
There’s beauty all around us,
And music everywhere;
O praise our great Creator
Who makes the earth so fair.


Come, children, join the chorus,
Ring out in joyful strain
A song of love to God above;
The Spring has come again.

Our youth is like the springtime,
Our hearts are like the flowers;
Our smiles like playful sunbeams
That cheer its passing hours;
And may our deeds of kindness,
As one by one they fall,
Be like the gentle raindrops
Our Father sends to all.


Each tender bud and blossom,
From out its dewy leaves,
Gives back to God who made it
The sweet perfume it breathes;
Then let us give to Jesus
Our youthful hearts today,
And in life’s happy springtime,
Begin the heavenly way.


Words: Fanny Crosby, 1876.