Barns and Brunch

A couple of barns off highway 395 on the way to Colville in low light.

I like to take a photo of this view every time we visit our son and his family. This time I took it early in the morning on our way back home. Next time we go the snow will probably be gone.

Linking up with Tom The Backroads Traveller for The Barn Collective.

On Saturday we enjoyed brunch at Josh and Laura’s for a belated birthday celebration. Josh and Laura gifted me the sign that they chose because of the name of my blog. Thoughtful kids.

We had a nice walk to some local play fields and decided to take our obligatory selfie.

We have a busy week ahead with a trip east and over the mountains again to celebrate our little grand’s first birthday. Excited that we will also be enjoying the beginning of Spring this coming week!


Scenes from Stanley Park

van 2 098

All these photos were taken on Friday March 18th in Stanley Park.

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And once again I find myself with the need to de-fluff and while we were in a gift shop by the Totems in Stanley Park Dear called me over to a case to show me this…

van 2 035

If it wasn’t so pricey I would have bought it! I’m losing the same weight I lost before our son Dan’s wedding last year. Ha! Anybody else out there find yourself gaining, losing, and gaining again? I’m not trying to be skinny just want to have a bit of room to spare in my jeans and tops and I don’t want to go up another size! I joined a gym on Friday with my Silver Sneakers and even made it through a Zumba class. Met some nice gals who let me know about other good classes at the gym. On Monday I meet with a personal trainer for an assessment. Scary but good.

We had a productive weekend again with mowing, weeding, and moving vehicles into and around Dear’s shop. Today after church we had a birthday brunch for our son-in-law, Andrew. His birthday is on Tuesday. Josh and Laura joined us for Eggs Benedict, Hash Browns, and Fruit. For the birthday cake we had cinnamon rolls, much appreciated by Andrew. We have a quiet week coming up. Hope you all have a good Sunday and start to a new week!