On the “Coast”

We are having a productive and relational time on the “Coast”, with our Coast kids. In our new part of the state, the home town folk call anything on the west side of the Cascades, the Coast. We are embracing that since it’s easier to say we are going to the Coast instead of going to the West side of the Cascades!

Our Coast kids planned a belated birthday celebration for me at Earls in Bellevue and they asked my sister and her husband to join us. It was a wonderful time together with perfect weather.

We walked to a park before we all headed home for a group selfie. Who’s missing in this photo? Dear is missing, but why?

On Friday we stopped by a great local pharmacy so Dear could get updated on his TDAP vaccine. In order for any of us to be welcome around our new grandson we have to be up to date on this vaccine. There have been Whooping Cough outbreaks in Washington state and our newborn’s doctor insists that anyone who will be around him needs to be vaccinated. The shot was painless but the side effects for Dear have not been painless. He was fine on Friday night but Saturday was a brutal day of side effects for him. We had to leave him home alone, so sad, while the rest of us enjoyed our meal out. He is doing better this Sunday afternoon but wasn’t able to attend church with all of us Sunday morning. It was my first time at our Coast Kids church and I’m so thankful to God for leading them to this great church where the Bible is the source of preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

While on the Coast, we have been shopping for special items needed for our eastside kids. Laura found a used Bob double stroller on Offer Up that Dear and I were happy to buy for Addy and BBB. What a monster it is. It will work great on country trails and uneven surfaces. It came with an added accessory that an infant car seat will click into. The Coast affords many more options and availability to find used good equipment. We’ve also shopped for new items for Katie and Andrew’s home. More relational times are planned before we head home on Wednesday.

Hope y’all don’t get fooled tomorrow! Watch out and stay clear of all the fools out there!


Reflecting on my many blessings this past week and thanking God.

This was taken out one of the windows at the Bellevue Art Museum in Bellevue, Washington.

1. A super filled Saturday where I re-connected with dear friends from my church growing up, my high school, and with my family and dear old Pop. It was good to see so many people I love in only 12 hours!

2. Beautiful Spring blooms are everywhere here in the Pacific Northwest and it makes me smile to look out my own kitchen window and see these Dogwood blooms.

3. A successful shopping trip where our daughter found her dress for a wedding she is in and I found a comfortable pair of shoes for our son’s wedding. Little blessings that will make for a more comfortable day of celebrating!

4. A Low Key weekend ahead. The last three weekends have been filled to the brim and it’s nice to know this weekend we’ll be able to catch our breath.

At the Art Museum…

5. Besides shopping on Tuesday Katie and I hopped across the street from the mall to the Bellevue Art Museum and enjoyed Madeleine Albright’s collection of pins together. No photos allowed of the pins but we found some other things to photograph!

Katie took this one looking up. Always remember to look up!

Do you have some blessings to reflect on this week? Here’s something more to consider…

I’m linking up with the lovely Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for Friday’s Fave Five and with Weekend Reflections.

Have a wonderful last weekend of April everyone!

Welcome April!

We aren’t big on April Fool’s Jokes around this old house and I’m happy about that. We have friends that have enjoyed quite elaborate jokes on this day.

Here’s how March went out like a lamb in my neck of the woods.

On Sunday Josh and Laura took us out to dinner at The Wild Ginger in Bellevue. We enjoyed a view of the city from our table.






After dinner we stopped by Whole Foods to check out their bakery to choose some sweets to enjoy at home together. On the way home we traveled along the northeast shore of Lake Washington and stopped to take a photo of the sun setting.

P1040985I love the gifts Josh and Laura gave me.

P1040989Framed photos of some of the highlights of our trip to England in September of 2013 and these great Cd’s from Wells Cathedral. We had a real good chuckle over the title on the Christmas Cd, Jingle Wells. I might not wait till Christmas to listen to it. We really had a memorable time at Wells Cathedral so these Cd’s are very appreciated.


On Monday, the last day of March, it was warm enough to go out in the yard and complete a project I started last Monday. I planted two Rose bud Azaleas in the spot where I pulled out another plant I wasn’t enjoying. I purchased the two Azaleas with a gift card my friends gave me to purchase a plant in honor of my mom, she died last September 13th. My mom loved soft pink flowers and I thought these two Azaleas would be perfect.

P1040992My mom’s birthday was April 8th and I was glad I could plant these before that day arrived this year. I have been successful with the other Azaleas in our yard so I felt these would be a good choice. I wouldn’t want to choose something that might not thrive.

April is a very eventful month at this old house. This Saturday I’m hosting a table at a Friendship tea, Easter is coming, and then Katie and I have to be packed up and ready for a road trip across the U.S.A. We leave on Sunday April 27th. I hope your April arrived nicely and that no one made a fool out of you!