Garden Fences…

Who doesn’t love a white picket garden fence? I’m joining TexWisGirl at Run*A*Round Ranch Report for Good Fences #71. This is my new header photo for now and I learned from my good ole Bloggy friends that this plant is Bee Balm. When Dear and I took an overnight road-trip in the middle of July to the North Olympic Peninsula in Washington State we stopped at a couple lavender farms. In a few days I’ll post my lavender shots but for today I’m sharing this sweet garden on the edge of the lavender fields at Purple Haze Lavender Farm. Our July has been very full and interesting to say the least. We had extended family stay with us after attending our son’s wedding at the end of June till July 8th. We are still in semi-retirement mode as Dear waits to hear about where his next job might be. During this mode we have said a few times that everyday is Saturday. We aren’t experts at this retirement preview. We took our little road-trip so we could get out of the “everyday is a project day” at this old house. Now at the end of July our youngest and her hubby have moved into our basement as their monthly apartment rent went up over $400. Yikes. Now we are trying to blend all our stuff, including furniture. We are very happy and thankful we can offer them this space. If Dear and I get re-located with a new job they will stay on and take care of our property. It’s a win-win situation for all of us. In the meantime we have lots of eggs, milk, spices, oatmeal and bookcases! You get the picture! How’s your July winding down?

Foodie Friday ~ Artichoke

Spring Fling is the Foodie Friday Theme this week. Everyone at my house loves artichokes and for Foodie Friday I’m going to share the fast easy way we choose to enjoy this Springy looking vegetable! Gollum at Designs by Gollum is the hostess of this weekly Blog Food Event.


First find nice firm artichokes. Cut the stem off so you have a flat base. Cut the top say up to 1/2 to 1 inch straight across. Snip each leaf at the top to get rid of the sharp prickly part. Rinse really well and lay upside down with some of the liquid in a microwavable dish. Cover the dish and microwave on high for approx. 5 minutes for one. I did these for 10 minutes for the two and they were perfect.


Put the artichoke on any plate (be careful it will be very hot) Aren’t these artichoke plates Springy looking that I got from Goodwill for cheap?!  Next choose your dip of choice. Dear likes mayonnaise, I like Ranch Dressing, the rest of my family likes Italian dressing. Put a little  on the plate in the nifty section made just for it. Peel off one leaf at a time and dip the end that was most connected then scrap off the goodness with your teeth. (I love that soft focus you can fix photos with cuz now you can’t see all my wrinkles on this close up of me with the leaf) As you get farther into the center the leaves are more delicate and you can scrap off more goodness to eat, or even eat the whole leaf except for there always seems to be a little prickly part you need to avoid. Now here’s why they call it a Artichoke (maybe)…


See that fuzzy feathery part of the choke. This is the part you need to discard because you will probably choke on it. We use a spoon to scrape off all the fuzziness to get to the very best part the heart of the artichoke, you’ll need to apply a little pressure to remove the fuzzies from the heart but be careful not to scrape away the heart. After scrapping off the fuzz, sometimes I even rinse this part off to make sure I got rid of all the fuzzies, yep I’m a little paranoid that way. Now you can eat the heart and it’s solid artichoke yumminess. Make sure you add a little more dip if you got low in the eating process at this point :0)  This is a fun appetizer that we always enjoy at our house!

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