The Hills Are Alive…

…with mist and clouds and barns! When we left Colville on December 18th for our 6 hour drive home we stopped at the top of the kids’ driveway to take our favorite view from this spot.

Here’s a close up of the barn in the previous view. It’s crumbling slowly.

It was a misty moisty morning with low lying clouds or fog which made for interesting backdrops for the barns and farms we flew by.

We were happy to have chosen this day to return home instead of Tuesday since there was a snowfall of 14 inches after we left!

On this past Saturday my Western Washington girls and my sister had a fun day in downtown Seattle. We met up for brunch/lunch and then walked to the 5th Avenue Theater for the Sing-A-Long Sound of Music. This explains the name for my combination post for the Barn Collective and life as it happened this weekend.

It really was a blast. We were given props and prompts to interact throughout the movie and it really was fun singing our hearts out. We hissed, we booed, we cheered, we bowed and of course we sang along on every song. Among our props we were given a popper that we were instructed to pop when the Captain and Maria kissed in the gazebo. So much fun especially since there was a young girl in front of us who kept us entertained with her spot on interaction throughout the show!

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Signs in Seattle…

Dear and I were able to go downtown on Sunday night to enjoy a belated Valentine dinner at Morton’s. Here are some signs I snapped with my little camera.


Here’s my Dear waiting for the valet to bring us our car after dinner.


The window dressing in this store next to Morton’s was different…


From the car window I snapped this blurry 5th Avenue sign as we headed to the freeway.

We thought that downtown Seattle was very busy for a Sunday evening. It was a long weekend and the weather was so nice that people came out of their cocoons to enjoy a night out in the city.

Thank you Lesley for signs, signs.