The Hills Are Alive…

…with mist and clouds and barns! When we left Colville on December 18th for our 6 hour drive home we stopped at the top of the kids’ driveway to take our favorite view from this spot.

Here’s a close up of the barn in the previous view. It’s crumbling slowly.

It was a misty moisty morning with low lying clouds or fog which made for interesting backdrops for the barns and farms we flew by.

We were happy to have chosen this day to return home instead of Tuesday since there was a snowfall of 14 inches after we left!

On this past Saturday my Western Washington girls and my sister had a fun day in downtown Seattle. We met up for brunch/lunch and then walked to the 5th Avenue Theater for the Sing-A-Long Sound of Music. This explains the name for my combination post for the Barn Collective and life as it happened this weekend.

It really was a blast. We were given props and prompts to interact throughout the movie and it really was fun singing our hearts out. We hissed, we booed, we cheered, we bowed and of course we sang along on every song. Among our props we were given a popper that we were instructed to pop when the Captain and Maria kissed in the gazebo. So much fun especially since there was a young girl in front of us who kept us entertained with her spot on interaction throughout the show!

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15 thoughts on “The Hills Are Alive…

  1. …Ellen, I’ve enjoyed your banner photo since you added it. Barns can look so different from afar and up close. Some of the worst looking barns look might nice from a distance. The style of the barn in the close up. …Always be thankful for safe travel. Thanks so much for sharing, please stop back.

  2. Hello Ellen, I thought of the Sound of Music as soon as I saw your title. I love the views of the mist and the barn. The sing-a-long sounds like a fun time. Great photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  3. My husband spent some wonderful weeks in Seattle years ago, and I’ve always wanted to see it too! Your hills are spectacular. Our are low and gentle, but the view these mornings and evenings across the lough to where they stroll has been orange and spectacular. It looks cold there. It is cold here too!

  4. Oh, that first photo is breathtaking and I so would love it as a jigsaw puzzle…and I love the close up just as much. And enjoyed all the photos, as well.

  5. What beautiful views. Your photos are like postcards, or Christmas cards for next year. The Seattle musical episode sure sounds like a wonderful experience. And, it looks very warm there.

  6. Your photos are marvelous, I love those country scenes! And I’m sure you had great fun at the 5th Avenue Theatre – that’s quite an interesting environment in its own right. I once saw “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” there – what a hoot!

  7. Such beautiful scenery where ‘the kids’ live! My goodness – just takes your breath away! From the heart of the country to the heart of the city….the musical sounds like so much fun! Glad you had a good time – love those happy smiles! xx Karen

  8. I would love to do that sing-along (even though I can’t sing) and take along our son-in-law and daughter (and of course Bill) and all our grands and greats. Sound of Music has been such a big favorite in their family and ours.

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