Sister Day

On Monday June 13th (my last full day in Southern California) our sister Kathy drove out to Huntington Beach to spend the afternoon and evening with us. We went for lunch to Summer House in Corona Del Mar. When we finally got our food it was very good. We didn’t realize they were having a ‘soft opening’ after being closed for renovations. A brand new cook and only one cook and other new staff people who were all very pleasant but it took over an hour for our food to reach our table. Good thing we weren’t on a lunch break. We were on a leisurely outing. From there we hopped over to Roger’s Gardens in Corona Del Mar.

The succulent wall gardens were amazing.

We looked at all the beautiful hanging baskets and pots filled with flowers that were amazing and very expensive. The individual plant starts that you could buy were comparable in price to what I’ve seen at Wal-Mart this year.

These hanging succulent baskets were very cute.

After the gardens, on the way back to Vera’s, we stopped at 85degrees, an Asian bakery with lots of goodies. Vera was making dinner for us and I wanted to contribute the dessert. So many beautiful desserts to choose from.

Back at Vera’s bungalow she started on dinner and Kathy and I relaxed enjoying the aroma of onions and garlic and someone cooking a meal for us. Our youngest sister, Lana, arrived home from work and all the sisters enjoyed the evening meal together. Vera’s daughter-in-love joined us, too. It was good to be together.

Vera made a ‘shepherd’s pie type dish’ using ground beef, zucchini and crushed tomatoes and for the topping instead of mashed potatoes she substituted mashed cauliflower. It was very good and I suppose lower in carbs. We made up for those carbs in our dessert.

Here are the desserts we enjoyed, a chocolate cookie cream loaf and a strawberry cream tiramisu. Light and tasty.

It’s not very often that all four of ‘the sisters’ are all together in one place so we had to take the obligatory sister shots. Kristin was our photographer.

Lana, the youngest, me, Vera, and our oldest sister Kathy. A seventeen year span between the oldest and youngest. An 12 year span between me and our sister Lana.

Lana lives in Texas as of a month ago, I live in the state of Washington, Vera and Kathy live in Southern California about 20 miles from each other. Kathy lives about twelve miles from where we all grew up.

This was one week ago already. The laundry from my trip is done. I’ve mowed the lawn. I pulled a few weeds. We had our Colville kids over for a meal. Life is back to ‘normal’ here in the country.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “Sister Day

  1. Aren’t sisters the best! Loved all the photos. Thanks for sharing. P.S. I read your blog, but this is my first comment.

  2. The family resemblance is amazing, Ellen. There’s no way to deny those lovely women belong to you. 🙂 An hour wait is pretty extreme, but if you were enjoying yourselves and did enjoy the food, as well, then it probably was worth the wait. I love visiting garden centers, and I know Southern California has some very nice ones to enjoy. Nice photos of all of you, and I especially like the last one on that patriotic porch. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Hugs.

  3. Lovely sister photos! What a blessing that you could all be together! Sister time is golden! (I am overdue for some sister time myself and I miss it.)

  4. What a lovely post. The pictures are all so wonderful. I love that wall of succulents. So happy for all of you. You definitely look like sisters!

  5. Delightful photos of all you sisters Ellen 🙂 and thank you for the link to Roger’s Garden. What a great place that would be to walk around, and your photos are fantastic as always, and that food sure looked delicious. I used to live in southern Carlifornia for many years and absolutely loved it.

  6. Roger’s is a great place for window shopping and enjoying their designers’ creativity. Plant prices aren’t unreasonable, but those arrangements!

    How nice for all of you to get together from several States.

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